Ex-Workers Spill Former Employers’ Shocking Secrets

You know who really understands what goes on in companies behind closed doors? Yes, it’s the hard-working employees. But what happens when those employees become ex-employees? In many cases, it means they will spill the secrets their ex-bosses would prefer to stay hidden.

Whether it’s spying on customers in the dressing room, selling snacks past their expiry date or making customers believe they’re donating to a charity, disgruntled ex-workers are only too happy to tell the best-kept secrets from companies they used to work for. Let’s take a look at some!

Fake Signed Memorabilia

Have you ever seen signed memorabilia for same in sports stores? If you’re into sports or you’re shopping for someone who is, it can be really exciting to find something signed which you or your friend can treasure for always.

Real Butter vs ‘Real’ Butter

If you’ve tried the ‘I can’t believe it’s not butter’ brand, you might not believe it isn’t butter. Or maybe you do. Either way, a movie theatre complex who will have to remain nameless for now pulled quite a trick on their customers. Their margarine-based butter replacement was from a brand calling themselves ‘Real’. This meant if a moviegoer enquired whether they used real butter, they could say they did!

Well we think that’s pretty sneaky behavior but if the employees are happy to spill such secrets, it’s always good for unsuspecting customers to learn the truth!

Top Quality Products (or Not)

Companies have been promising their products are top quality since the dawn of time, or at least the dawn of trading. However, you can usually take this with a pinch of salt. One company we found out about sold ‘the highest quality possible’ glass items.

However, their ex-employee revealed the products were shipped in from China and the cheapest they could find. 

Watched in the Changing Room

It can be fun trying on new clothes in a store (or not, if you’ve put on a few pounds). However, we have been warned about hidden cameras that most customers have no idea are there. One employee revealed that in some major chains there are holes in the fitting rooms for female security guards to peek through, to check for thefts.

One issue with this is the company in question doesn’t have any female security guards on the books. This means women trying on clothing were being watched without knowing it. Talk about creepy.

Bon Appetit (and Ignore the Mice)

What’s the most romantic restaurant you’ve been to? Picture it in your mind’s eye. A lot of romantic eateries have something in common – dim lighting. Eating dinner with your loved one by candlelight can be fancy and exciting. Dim lighting can also trick your body clock into revving up your appetite.

According to one ex-restaurant worker though, one eatery dimmed the lights deliberately to hide, wait for it, a mouse infestation! This is one reason we might be sticking with wet-lit restaurants in the future.

Whatever the Weather

It’s always annoying when flights are cancelled, and if you’ve lost one because of inclement weather you’ll know this firsthand. Maybe the weather seems to be fine where you are and strangely it seems fine where you are flying to as well. Apparently we aren’t always informed of the exact reason why flights get canceled. It is usually not the weather.

It could be the case the plane needs some unanticipated maintenance or the pilot hasn’t shown up. It could be any one of many other reasons. One thing is for sure though and that is ‘bad weather’ is an airline code meaning reasons they don’t want to get into detail about. So they just blame the weather.

The Valet Seems Shifty…

Handing our precious vehicle over to a stranger can be an uncomfortable feeling. After all, we could park the car ourselves. Leaving it with a valet can be much more convenient though but it’s still a good idea to bear the following in mind.

One ex-valet says he saw a lot of co-workers thieving items from cars and not even being fired as a result. Also, the employer had a special spray for covering up scratches caused by the team of valets. This makes us think twice about self-parking and what a good idea it suddenly seems.

Is that Really Mayonnaise?

We’ve already looked at the ‘I can’t believe it’s not real butter’ trick but what about mayonnaise? Apparently one shop used light mayo on sandwiches instead of the real thing and no, not because it’s healthier. It isn’t actually – it’s higher in carbs and sugar, but that’s not the point.

The reason for subbing light mayo for the real McCoy is because it was a little cheaper.

What’s in a Stuffed Clam?

Stuffed clams are just clams with a light topping of breadcrumbs, right? Sadly, no, and most of us have had our suspicions about this dish for a long time.

The truth is stuffed clams are a whopping 95% breading and other cheap ingredients and barely any clam at all. Yes they taste good but you’re paying well over the odds for something that is mostly filler.

Dirty Lingerie for Sale 

One employee was understandably grossed out when she discovered the store has to refund underwear, even if it’s been worn. What’s even worse is they go back on the shelf without so much as a rinse! Most stores ban the returns of underwear if the sanitary sticker is mixing but they could at least wash them before re-selling them, don’t you think?

The employee supplying this information reveals all the staff were disgusted, especially when they found… well, you can use your imagination. But it wasn’t nice.

Free Drinks for Everyone

There is one company who prefers to keep things quiet. The employees are told to prepare a brand new drink for anyone who complains about literally anything at all. Never argue with a customer, just fix them a free coffee.

Just imagine the chaos if everyone knew what this particular shop was doing. It means none of us would ever have to pay for a drink again! The employer obviously likes to keep this on the down low, although one ex-employee was only too happy to share. 

Overpriced Glasses

It’s annoying having to rely on glasses to see but what’s worse is the price tag attached to them. One ex-employee at an optician store says the store pays a mere fraction of what they sell the glasses for.

Of course they have to make money like every other store, but marking up the lenses such a crazy amount? Perhaps we will shop online for lenses in future.

Is it Really Garlic ‘Butter’?

The correct name for this would be garlic ‘margarine’ but of course that’s not quite so tempting, is it?

The employee who told us about this sometimes reveals the secret to their vegan customers who want the taste of garlic but in a dairy-free spread. Now garlic butter sounds tastier than garlic margarine, but it’s still labeling something as butter when it has no butter in it at all!

Cheating the Artists

A concert venue backstage employee had a lot to say about the way their employers choose to run the outfit. They sometimes report making a lot less money than what they really do, which means the artists end up getting a lot less than they should for performing.

Perhaps the best way to ensure the artists make money is to purchase their music at a store or online. This will support them way better than concerts seem to.

Froyo? No Thanks!

If froyo is one of your favorite treats, prepare yourself for a disappointment (or else just don’t read this one!) The employee says they don’t replace toppings that have gone bad. Instead they stir them to make them look presentable again and serve them anyway.

What about bugs getting into those toppings? Well the worker says that’s not a problem anyway. Just fish them out and serve the customers anyway! That’s pretty gross if you ask us.

Fraudulent Insurance Plans

What was the last electronics purchase you made? Most of us choose to get whatever insurance plan the store suggests, just to make sure if anything happens to our new purchase we can get it replaced at the store.

Of course, since that’s made it on to this list, that isn’t necessary what you’ll get. The store will take the defective item and instead of replacing it with a brand new product, they’ll give you something refurbished. This means it was broken and then fixed by the store and sent out to you as ‘new’.

Is Your Food Freshly ‘Prepared’?

Do you see what we did there? There’s a difference between freshly cooked food and freshly ‘prepared’ food. It’s normal to assume everything is made to order but a lot of places use frozen food and just pop them in the microwave before serving.

This ex-worker was honest whenever a customer asked. They told him the food was taken out of the refrigerator and microwaved to perfection!

How Safe is Your Luggage?

We expect baggage handlers to handle our things carefully since they contain valuables and things that could break. But how gently are the baggage handlers treating our bags?

Those who have the responsibility of loading baggage on to the plane have to work really fast. This means everything is thrown into a pile. They don’t have time to care about anything that might be fragile. For this reason, wrap anything potentially breakable in clothing or towels the next time you pack for a trip, just to be sure!

$150 per Minute

Every laptop owner knows those charges can add up whenever they have to take their laptop in for repair. Sometimes even getting the issue diagnosed can be surprisingly costly. A tech industry worker told us replacing batteries costs them barely anything although we pay through the nose for such a fix.

According to this ex-employee the fee for changing a battery was $150 and it took just a few minutes. Although we suppose we are also paying for their ‘expertise’ and the fact we can’t get any work done until the laptop is functional again.


Did you know that some places take the practice of recycling to extreme lengths. Take this ice cream shop for example. Their employees had to retrieve spoons and empty containers from the recycling bin and give them a wash, only to reuse them again with future customers.

This is absolutely gross and we hope the gelato shop in question has been closed down.

Expensive Cables are No Better

You know how we tend to trust the professionals when making expensive purchases? Well, what would you think if a ‘professional’ advised you to invest in a more expensive cable so you can enjoy better quality viewing and hearing on your new TV?

One ex-worker who knows all about TVs and cables says it’s a waste of money to get the more expensive one. Apparently the more expensive one does exactly the same job the cheaper one does, so it’s pointless getting it.

When ‘No’ is Not an Option

This one’s about theme parks. They can be wonderful to visit but not so much fun if you have to work there. Some theme park restaurants instruct their employees to cater to whatever whim the customer can come up with, regardless of how difficult it would be.

The workers simply aren’t allowed to say ‘no’ to the customers even if they refuse to pay the bill after eating. Just imagine working somewhere like that. No thank you!

Lose the Middle Man

Supporting artists is what their fans love to do, but some platforms are charging us for nothing at all.

These middlemen just mediate between the seller and buyer, taking 10% for doing that. Since there are so many places to sell and buy art today, the company this ex-worker was talking about seems pretty useless, so watch where you buy your art from.

Swapping Expiration Dates

No restaurant looks forward to when the health inspector visits, because they are strict about making sure everything is sanitary and will strive not to let customers get food poisoning. However, not every employer wants to toss out expired food.

Someone who used to work at a pizza restaurant had to change the dates on various foods to fool health inspectors into believing everything was fresh, even though some of it might not have been safe to serve.

Don’t Miss the Sale!

Everyone loves a good sale and the possibility of scoring some high end fashion at a bargain price is always attractive. There is a secret behind these ‘sales’ though and one employee was only too happy to clue us in.

What some stores do is price the items much higher than what they were before and then mark them down. This makes it look like it is selling for 40% off when the truth is it’s even more expensive that the pre-sale price. That’s a very bold move, so be careful where you shop.

They Know All About You

A lot of companies these days use call centers for customer service. Sometimes they even loan them out to third parties. This happens all over the world. What causes the problem is when these third parties get hold of our confidential information and have no qualms about using it in a way to benefit them.

If this isn’t against the law then it should be. We hope the people responsible for this have been brought to justice and can’t get near anyone’s personal information again.

What High End Really Means

Although we are conditioned to think a high price means high quality, it isn’t always true. One ex-worker choosing to remain anonymous spilled the beans on a ‘high end’ cake shop.

Fancy cakes are great for a special occasion like a birthday, but make sure you aren’t being ripped off. You are much less likely to get fleeced if you go to a small cake shop, preferably family-owned. They depend on every customer being happy and are much less likely to cut corners using frozen cakes or mark up the prices too much.

Charity Untruths

Every brand wants to come across as being ‘the good guys’ these days, meaning they want to be seen as doing good in the world and not just making money.

Companies who really do donate a lot to important causes do exist. However others just say they do, to make buyers assume they are a caring company. We would love to know who this disgruntled ex-worker was talking about.

Another Froyo Secret

We’ve already taken a look at just how fresh (or not) froyo toppings are, but that’s not all we have to warn you about. There are a lot of rumors flying about regarding how often these machines are cleaned out. But what does our froyo ex-worker have to say? 

One unlucky customer even found a scorpion in the frozen yogurt machine. How did it even get in there? And, worse still, how long was it in there? Not sure we want to know the answer to that.

Apple Uses Third Party Software

Apple is one of the biggest companies on the planet and, since the launch of the first iPhone, have been considered the best for phones, laptop and all kinds of tech gadgets. That makes the following piece of information something Apple management wouldn’t want too many loyal customers to discover.

If Apple really is the best, then why won’t they use their own numbers and pages software? This sits a little uncomfortably with us.

A Dirty Hotel Secret

Zero waste is something eco-conscious hotels are striving for, but there are a lot of rumors flying around about their practices. Considering the room you are showering in and sleeping in has already been used by up to thousands of other people, hotels are kind of unhygienic by definition.

You don’t know how well those rooms are cleaned or if those clean-looking glasses are really clean. The least we would expect though is the linens to be boil-washed with a strong detergent, not one that’s been homemade from leftover bars of soap.

The Sizzle of Fajitas

Who doesn’t love a pile of warm tortillas with sizzling beef, peppers and onions, and of course all those wonderful south of the border seasonings?

And you just know they are fresh because they are still sizzling when they reach your table. According to some ex-wait staff though, a little oil and water or butter (OK, probably margarine) is added to the hot surface to make it look hot. The fajitas are more often than not just microwaved. Are you still in the mood for a Tex Mex dinner?

Confusing the Tourists

Touristy areas all seem to be packed with souvenir and gift stores and these stores are well known for selling low quality products at high prices. When you hear what the following employee has to say, you’ll be even more in the know.

Whichever store you choose to shop in, you will find it’s all the same prices and products. This is a sneaky business strategy and it works because customers want to think they have plenty of choice. It’s likely other types of shops use the same trick.

Movie Theater Rats

Popcorn is overpriced at pretty much any movie theater when you consider how much it costs to make. Something worse though is you could be eating your movie snack from a bag a rat might not have been too far away from.

Yes, managers like this do exist. One employee was informed they’d lose their job if they told. Well they did tell, albeit anonymously, but it’s a good bet they never bought movie theater popcorn again.

Paying Over the Odds for (Not) Grass-Fed

A lot of diets these days recommend only eating beef which has been grass-fed. It’s supposed to be healthier thann corn-fed meat.

Although lots of people are into clean eating these days, they don’t necessarily want to become vegan. Grass-fed beef is considered the most ethical choice as well as the healthiest one. Well we found out about a certain butcher who sells beef for double the price and it isn’t even 100% grass-fed despite the label.

Loose Bolts on Rides and Slides

An ex-employee reported a serious matter and we can only hope they went straight to the authorities to make an official complaint. Their boss told them to paint over rusted metal before an inspection to hide the rust.

Some of the screws were already quite badly damaged because of the rust which means the ride’s integrity is compromised. This danger is something families every day face every day without knowing.

The problem, however, was that some screws were already pretty damaged due to the rust, and this caused a danger for the ride’s integrity – a ride that families ride every single day.

How Fresh are those Hot Dogs?

You know those hot dogs you see on the spinning racks? Don’t they look and smell so appealing? These treats can be hard to resist but you might be assuming they’re fresher than they really are.

The truth though is a former worker says the movie theater recycled hot dogs for days at a time. Now do you still want one?

Paying Less to Disabled Workers

Someone found out their employer would hire mentally disabled workers and pay them a lot less than what the other workers would get. So how is this fair when they’re doing the same job?

The employer didn’t seem to care that they do more labor-intensive work, like heavy lifting, and still got paid less than the rest. This ex-worker confronted the manager and then left their job. Let’s hope they also reported it.

Smiling Cookies for Charity

It is always good when a restaurant tries to do something for the community, so it’s no surprise people don’t mind paying more to feel like they are giving back to the community as well.

But you can’t trust every restaurant to give profits to charity instead of lining their own profits. This worker’s boss did so in their branch which was definitely against company policy. Let’s hope he or she got fired for it.

One Key Unlocks Any Golf Cart

Is this whistleblower unfairly tell tales on their company or trying to save us money? Regardless, they chose to tell us a well-kept secret that most of the general public doesn’t know.

Apparently a key for a gold cart accesses any golf cart. Of course we hope nobody is using this tip since it wouldn’t be fair to take someone else’s golf cart just because one key fits all.

The Mean Side of the Gym

Don’t gyms want to have as many members as possible? This would mean the gym is always buzzing and earning a tidy profit. However some gyms prefer not to have so many members.

Instead they want to make the gym look empty so other people will want to go. This is why they often put ‘out of order’ signs on machines. Gym memberships are also really hard to cancel so they are making a lot of money from people who don’t want to attend any more but can’t get out of their contract.

Careful Who You Trust with Your Cash

When handing over money to the professionals, you expect them to have the right knowledge and skills to make the most out of it. Sadly that isn’t necessarily true with the following Fortune 100 firm.

Think twice before handing over your hard earned cash because not every worker is trustworthy and have been reprimanded for seriously bad behavior in the past. We don’t even want to know what happens in some of these companies or what these guys have got away with. Maybe we should just look after our own money.

Donations Thrown Out

Donating items to charity makes us feel like we are doing our part for the community. After all, it’s better to donate items to those less fortunate than toss them in the trash, isn’t it?

Apparently a lot of donated items get thrown out anyway. Maybe not everything is in tip-top condition but surely most things can be salvaged and someone would be grateful to receive it.

What’s In that Pool Water?

Nobody is saying water parks and swimming pools can’t be fun but that doesn’t mean they are hygienic. The water isn’t going to be 100% perfect of course but according to one ex-employee things might be even worse than you imagined.

Some disgusting things are found in pool filters and they’re just dealt with by being soaked with a crazy amount of chemicals so people can go back in the water.

No Reason for Nerves

One worker tells us she got an interview for a teaching post and was super-nervous about the interview. However it turned out there was nothing to be worried about.

The school in question was so desperate for staff they were happy to hire absolutely anybody with a teaching certification even if they’d never actually taught before. Needless to say, the worker got the job right away. 

Open the Box

An employee at an electronics store let us in on a very useful tip. If you’re buying a large appliance such as a TV which comes in a box, especially during busy times like the holidays, have the staff open the box to make sure the item isn’t broken before you pay and leave the store with it.

Not everyone is careful with these boxes and if you only discover it’s broken when you get it home, good luck trying to convince the store it was like that before you even got it.

Is It Really Decaf?

Pregnant women often avoid caffeine as do others with health issues or those who get ‘jittery’ if they drink something caffeinated. However, you  might not always get decaf if you order it.

Serving regular coffee as decaf is dangerous to some people’s health. Other places only sell decaf later on (so they don’t have to clean out both coffee machines before the end of their shift). So if you need decaf, tell the staff why, in case they’re considering giving you regular coffee. 

What’s in the Secret Sauce?

You might be super-curious about the ‘secret sauce’ where you’re eating. After all, surely you should know what you’re about to put into your body. The place in question has a secret sauce for their tuna salad. Employees even have to sign an NDA and never tell anyone what is in there. So what could it be?

One disgruntled ex-employee revealed the oh-so-secret sauce ingredient. Guess what – it’s just soy sauce and mayo mixed into tuna. That’s it!

No Warranty Included

Are you thinking of buying a new car? Then we have a tip for you. A worker shared that when negotiating the price of the vehicle, they will not always share the extra costs you will face when actually buying it.

Instead they will steer you to the later purchase stages and only mention it when you’re committed to buying the vehicle. So bear this in mind the next time you’re car shopping.

It Might Look Clean but…

Hiring a cleaning service can be handy and timesaving. You expect everything to be shiny, clean and sanitized. However, sometimes the boss will tell the workers things don’t have to be properly cleaned or sanitized.

As long as things ‘look’ clean, that is enough. Now this is fairly awful considering these times when it’s important to have everything clean and sanitary. Let’s hope this employee takes pride in her job and cleans things properly despite her boss’s instructions.

Anyone Can Sail

We were surprised to find out that one worker was hired as a sailing instructor despite not even knowing how to sail.

The employees take both adults and kids out on the water and show them how to sail. However most don’t have a license. Although this kind of thing might go unsupervised in some places, it’s a question of risking lives by taking sailing students on the water if they aren’t qualified to teach.

How Awareness is Raised

A lot of products come in pink or have a breast cancer-related slogan on them to raise breast cancer awareness.

Unless these items specifically say they are donating to breast cancer research, they might not be donating anything at all to research on the disease. Raising awareness is not the same as raising funds, which is an important differentiator.

Made in the USA

A lot of people prefer to buy USA-made products instead of those made in China or elsewhere.

However, one worker tells us companies take the ‘Made in America’ label off the products so people think it was made elsewhere. But why is this? The reasoning behind it is if something is made in the USA, unhappy customers will know exactly who to sue in case they aren’t pleased with the item.

Anyone Can Go Backstage

One employee in the music industry shared a tip that could allow anybody to get into the backstage area of concerts. All you have to do is look like a backstage worker or security guard.

Backstage isn’t all that exciting though and all you might get to see are people working or napping back there. It’s unlikely you’d even get to meet the band, so there doesn’t seem much point in going back there.

Live Radio Might not be Live

Truck drivers, those commuting for a long time or even people at home who like background noise often enjoy listening to radio DJs for company.

Do you have a favorite DJ you tune in to every day? The truth is some (not all but some) pretend they are live and aren’t keeping you company in anything like real time. They are prerecorded shows.

Warranty Issues

Have you ever been told something you want to purchase is out of stock but doubted the truth of that? One major electronics member of staff says this might be more than a hunch on your part.

Everyone knows the saying ‘the customer is always right’ but sometimes companies pretend something is out of stock if you aren’t going to buy the warranty to go with it. So do your research first.

Food a la ‘Ding’

It doesn’t matter whether you’re at a burger joint or 4-star eatery. A lot of the food has been microwaved at some point, not that they plan to tell you that.

The taboo might eventually disappear (after all, microwaves are convenient!) but it’s interesting to know restaurants use them too. Well as long as the whole meal wasn’t bought in the frozen foods aisle of the nearest grocery store and nuked in the microwave, we are fine with it.

Choose Your Own Hospital

This one is interesting. Apparently if you need to be taken to the hospital in an ambulance, it’s within your rights to choose the hospital you request, even if it isn’t the closest one. Some people might know this, as do EMTs, but is it a good idea to let people choose?

We think it might be better to let the EMTs take you wherever they think is best. Sometimes they have potentially life-saving information, so we would be inclined to listen to them.

Just Gross

Messing with people’s health is never a good business idea, and this one made us heave. Anyone who had the misfortune of being served this moldy chili probably did too.

This employee walked out of their job after finding a gross, moldy chili and watching the supervisor give it a stir and tell them to serve it. The worker point-blank refused and then just quit. Just imagine the kind of food still being served in this eatery, if it’s even still in business.

How Friendly is Eco-Friendly?

Not everything printed on a product is true. Some companies put labels saying ‘eco-friendly’ or ‘100% recycled’ on their products, even if this isn’t true, to fool buyers.

We are all becoming more environmentally aware, which is why some shady companies think this kind of misleading info gives them an edge. But it’s so immoral and makes us wonder how we can tell if any of this labeling is true.

Is That Really Management?

People who have to talk to unhappy customers on the phone for their living have our sympathies. So no wonder they occasionally pretend to be the manager.

The poor person who answers the phone often bears the brunt of an unhappy customer’s frustration even though the issue isn’t likely to be their fault. But sometimes when the ‘supervisor’ comes on instead, guess what? It’s the same worker. And the callers never seem to notice the voice is the same.

Sell the Bad Shoes First

This worker has our heartfelt applause. They were encouraged to sell faulty shoes and didn’t feel comfortable about this immoral policy. This is why they spoke up about this practice.

It wouldn’t have been much fun for the boss to reprimand them, but we feel it was worth it so some kid didn’t spend his birthday money on a faulty pair of shoes. Let’s hope the worker who spilled the beans about this shady practice found themselves a better job at the end of it.

The Same Thing but More Expensive

Do you consider private labels as being better and more luxurious than store labels? If so you’re not alone. We often go for the option which seems better, but according to one worker private label doesn’t always equal better quality. In fact, the store brand and private label brand were exactly the same item!

The employer has no qualms about selling the same thing in posh packaging for a higher price despite both items being identical. This makes us think twice before splurging on the pricier option and maybe you do too.

Boxed Sangria, Por Favor

Restaurants sometimes make out all their food and drinks are homemade even if this is far from the truth. Take drinks for example. Are you expecting a $5 glass of sangria to be homemade or from a carton costing less than a dollar?

There’s nothing wrong with alcohol coming from a box but why not just admit it? If restaurants did, it wouldn’t sell for more than a couple of dollars per glass, so they throw in a fresh slice or two of orange and present it as a freshly prepared cocktail.

Say No to the Ice

There are 38,695 McDonalds restaurants globally (possibly even more by the time you read this) so it goes without saying they’re doing something right. Their kitchens tend to be very clean but that isn’t necessarily the case for every one.

The ice cream machines are rarely cleaned, according to a whistleblowing employee. The ice machines aren’t recommended either. Apparently they don’t get cleaned much, if ever, and have mold inside. Seeing as the sodas are cold anyway, making ice redundant, just go ice-free. That also means you get more soda in your cup.

The Secret Ingredients in Ice Tea

Ice tea is healthy, correct? After all, it has the word ‘tea’ in there. But don’t be fooled. Unless you’re making your own regular tea by brewing tea in water then adding ice, what you’re going to get is more like soda: a drink chock-full of sugar and syrup.

One soft drinks company emphasizes their ice tea is made with ‘natural spring water’. Sounds good, right? But when you add a little of it to a high-sugar ice tea mixture, it doesn’t sound so enticing any more.

How Clean is that Comforter?

Next time you’re thinking about staying in a hotel, consider bring your own blankets and linens. That way you can be sure they’re really clean. Those decorative comforters on top of the bed linens aren’t washed between guests. In fact sometimes they’re only cleaned once or twice a year.

Next time you’re thinking about staying in a hotel, consider bring your own blankets and linens. That way you can be sure they’re really clean. Those decorative comforters on top of the bed linens aren’t washed between guests. In fact sometimes they’re only cleaned once or twice a year.

Nervous Flyers Look Away Now

You’re still reading so your curiosity got the better of you. But we believe it’s good to stay informed and the more we know the better. Flying is always a bit frightening because you aren’t in control of anything. You have to trust that what goes on behind the scenes is fine and the pilot knows what he or she is doing.

Let’s hope the pilot has had a good night’s sleep and has plenty of experience. And let’s also hope the plane has been prepared by top technicians. However, the 19 year old kid refueling the plane after a heavy night might not be completely focused. Now fasten your seatbelts…

Think Before You Buy Jewelry

We know there are scammers everywhere but you don’t expect to find them in a high class jewelry store. Look at all those glittering pieces of jewelry priced in the thousands of dollars – the necklaces, the earrings, oh – the rings! However before you hand over your money for these expensive pieces of bling, think again.

Not everything glittering is gold and you can take that literally. Some jewelry has a – wait for it – 500% markup! It’s shocking to think how much money we are tricked into handing over on cheap bling. Of course we would expect jewelers to mark their jewelry up but not by that much.

Shelter Secrets

There are so many stray animals the sad truth is shelters simply can’t keep up. A lot of dogs and cats in shelters will be put down at some point. The law of supply and demand applies to shelters just like everywhere else, and there are more semi-feral moggies and unwanted pooches than there are potential owners.

Please bear in mind that some photos in this article are stock photos just used for illustration. The places and people pictured aren’t necessarily associated with this post.