Fake News: Social Media Posters Caught Out in the Funniest Ways

You can’t believe everything you see on social media. These days, everyone wants to add filters and use angles to make everything look picture-perfect. Let’s look at some social media storytellers who got called out in some hilarious ways!

Despite most of us bending the truth every so slightly on social media to give a great impression of how our lives are, there is such a thing as going too far. Adding a cute filter to a selfie is one thing but flat-out lying is just asking to get caught! And for the whole world to see!

Pregnancy Rumors

We all know that journalists and media personalities can stick their noses too far into celebrity lives, digging up things the celebrity in question would much rather keep private. The following exchange took place between Jimmy Kimmel and the Huffington Post, after Megan Fox was quizzed on live TV about her pregnancy.

The Huffington Post were too quick to step in though, since Kimmel replied that she had actually given permission to discuss the topic of her pregnancy on the show! Oops!

The Trouble with Home Truths

I’m sure you know at least one person on Facebook who likes to complain about others, sometimes naming them but often not. These people love to have everyone guessing who they’re talking about. But beware – these posts can often backfire!

So before you begin to wax lyrical it’s a good idea to make sure you didn’t commit the same crime you are complaining about if they’re connected to you on Facebook. Even if it happened a long time ago – a lot of folks hold a grudge!

Don’t Take the Credit for Others’ Accomplishments

Everyone loves to boast about their achievements on Facebook. Imagine you won a race? Wouldn’t you be tempted to brag about it as well? The issue with this guy though is that he didn’t win. Someone else did and guess what – that person saw his Facebook post! 

So if you want to steal someone else’s victory and present it as your own, make sure they are blocked from reading your post. If not, you are going to be called out publically, and wouldn’t that be cringe-worthy? 

Giant Skulls

Take a look at this photo. Would you believe it was real? The people in the photo don’t look all that excited consider what might be one of the most incredible discoveries ever made. Anyway it turns out this wasn’t a real photo, and you’re probably not at all surprised to learn that.

Talk about bursting someone’s bubble! Surely there would have been more entertainment value if this had gone uncorrected.


We have to wonder how many people take advantage of open Facebook accounts to post something – complimentary or otherwise. The hack on Facebook is anything but genuine, but sometimes it’s hard to figure out who is actually doing the posting. Usually the hacker will pretend the poster is writing a compliment about them rather than themselves though!

This one is clearly some self-love and not a message from a secret admirer. You can see they posted it from a cell  phone instead of the computer in the library. Whoops!

Spooky Stuff

Watch out for Terry Crews. One ‘fan’ believed she could embarrass him because he didn’t give her the all-star treatment she considered herself entitled to, when running into him at an amusement park. It’s fair to say she didn’t expect him to defend himself, especially not publicly.

This serves her right, to be honest. She tried to publicly shame Crewe but her works backfired when he spoke up to explain what really happened.

Not Quite So Rural

The person who posted this was attempting to compare China’s beauty with what they seem to have assumed was capitalist America. However, what they appear to have forgotten was America does have some gorgeous rural areas as well as built-up ones. China has plenty of busy urban areas of its own, so this is hardly a fair comparison.

Whoever posted this shouldn’t have been surprised they got into trouble for their poor comparison.

Mr Beast Didn’t Pay?

Mr Beast is known for posting YouTube videos showing his generous, often random donation to folks up and down the country to his millions of fans. However, imagine the reaction of the server in this restaurant where  he tipped literally nothing!

However, the Beast decided to stick up for himself and explain exactly what happened. Turns out someone else took care of his check and he didn’t have a way to tip. We expect the server in question felt a bit silly after this.

Not So Great Gatsby?

The whole point the poster seems to be making is that you aren’t better than others just because you have read a specific book. They are suggesting they have read the Great Gatsby themselves. Reading the comments underneath, you can see how this one backfired. Clearly they hadn’t read much beyond the cover!

This literary snob ought to bow out of educational or literary debates, at least unless they know what they’re actually talking about.

Egg Flip Fib

This guy seemed to think he could get away with posting an image from a calendar and pass it off as himself. We are pretty sure not many of us would be that daring, or that foolish. The phrase ‘I didn’t land it’ already sounds suspicious, and someone who knows how to use Google Reverse Image Search put this egg flip fibber firmly in his place.

It didn’t take more than a fleeting suspicion and a quick search to discover this was a photo from a calendar and not the original poster at all. Busted!

Something Sketchy about the Sketch

Have you heard of PewDiePie, the YouTube star? He has millions of loyal fans who can’t wait until he notices them. One guy posted this impressive sketch of PewDiePie, whose real name is Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, on the World Wide Web. However, it turns out the photo had been shared online before and it wasn’t even his sketch. 

If you have the cojones to attempt such a huge fit, we recommend you either do your own research first or else just do your own sketching in the first place.

Fake News in the Newspaper

It’s never a good idea to publish lies online (otherwise known as libel) in case the celebrities you’re writing about actually see your post and then call you out. Well, and because it’s wrong. Whoever thought it was a good idea to write these complete fabrications about Keeley Hawes and her fictitious weight loss and diet plans was soon put in their place by Ms Hawes herself. Busted!

She replied to the tweet immediately, denying this fake news which was being spread before it made its way to impressionable Daily Mail readers who might find it and decide to copy her fictitious weight loss tips.

Unzipping the Fibs

Everyone loves those cute dog shaming photos where the loveable mutt’s owner shares photos online of whatever destruction and chaos the pooch has created. The owner of this dog wanted to jump on the bandwagon and share what her loveable (but naughty) pup had done. But wait a minute – something isn’t quite right here. Can you see what it is? Take a closer look at the photo.

Now if this dog can really open the zipper before removing the stuffing, surely he ought to be headlining on ‘America’s Got Talent’? Looks like the owner forgot this little fact! The pooch is innocent after all.

He Didn’t Say That

There are enough risks with social media, such as the way we compare ourselves to airbrushed photos but there are also good things about it. Whenever media or the press attempt to get away with publishing incorrect information (or just lies) it’s a simple matter for celebrities to put the record straight and expose the fibbers. Liar, liar, pants on fire!

Chris O’Dowd took to Twitter to deny all knowledge of saying this, where all his followers would see. Turns out you can’t believe everything you read online – who’d have thought!

Lies from the Skies

There’s nothing wrong with flying coach. It just means you’re a regular person. But take it one step further, pretending you’re in first class but then getting outed by another passenger? Talk about mile high lies. 

We would have thought Bow Wow, with all his fame and millions, could afford a private plane!

That Just Isn’t You

Something else we find confusing (like, why would anyone even do this?) is posting a celebrity photo and pretends it’s you! Do this and it’s only a matter of time before you get found out. The thing about celebrities is they’re pretty recognizable by thousands or even millions of people! Plus your friends on social media should already know what you look like.

This isn’t you, this is Aiza Khan! And she probably wouldn’t be very happy with this poster who doesn’t seem to know what truth means.

No Such Word as Am?

Is this person really attempting to convince us that there’s no such word as ‘am’? It’s kind of hard to tell since they seem to realize that ‘I am’ and ‘I’m’ mean the exact same thing and the second is just a contraction. So they’re kind of contradicting themselves here. We can’t fathom their point. 

Hmm, oh look – they seem to be missing the apostrophe in the word ‘doesn’t’!

Favorite Movies from Beyond the Grave

This one is pretty interesting. Did you know that dreaming of your own funeral is a common dream? It’s supposed to mean you’re worried about the future or something coming up for you in the near future. John Carpenter, the famous horror movie director, was surprised when he read about his own death on the internet. And no, it wasn’t one of his spooky films!

Carpenter directly confirmed he was still alive and, thanks to the internet, this untrue rumor was put to bed.

Skin Tone Untruths

Some people will post anything just to get their post read and shared. Take this one, for instance. There’s no doubt this beautiful model is stunning but why make out she is in the Guinness Book of Records for her skin tone? 

It should as no surprise to learn there is no such thing as the darkest skin tone in the Guinness Book of Records, who  quickly negated this weird claim. The original poster’s intent, whatever that was, didn’t work out so well.

Refill Bottles are for Refills

There is a reason refill bottles are so named. You’re supposed to pour the contents into the original bottle, thus making use of the same container twice and, well you know, saving the Earth. Anyway, this person decided to see just how gullible the public is. 

Turns out that sticking the pump from the original container into the refill bottle doesn’t work because it’s a different shape. So who do they blame when this doesn’t work? The manufacturer, who else!

The customer’s always right. Unless they aren’t. And here, they clearly are not!

Pet-Free Home… Wait a Minute

‘From a smoke- and pet-free home’ are commonly seen on ads these days. This means the item for sale won’t be covered in dog hair or smelling of cigarettes. But sometimes people just use this phrase, or a similar version of it, to sell their piece of furniture faster. 

After all, if you’re selling a wooden cabinet which appears in good condition, why would it matter if Fluffy rubbed up against it once or twice? The problem here isn’t the furry friend but the barefaced lie. Look – there’s even a cat in the photo! 

Move along now (meow?) folks, nothing at all to see.

Can’t Fool Skywalker

Spreading untruths about famous people is rarely, if ever, a good idea. The following poster decided to choose Mark Hamill who plays Luke Skywalker in Star Wars. 

Being the ultimate force for all that is good and true in the world, this was probably the last person the poster should have picked. Hamill, who was on Twitter rather than in a galaxy far, far away, shot down this information with 3 little words! 

Yes, Heroic Hollywood made a big mistake there and ended up looking a bit silly!

Black Lion Lying

A black lion is a creature found only in myths. Well, as well as on the World Wide Web in dubious Photoshop attempts. Nobody can actually prove the existence of such a creature, since it’s found only in lore, just like the Loch Ness Monster. 

The following Photoshop user (we should probably say Photoshop amateur since it’s hardly even a good effort) decided to ‘prove’ the existence of this mythical creature but he shouldn’t have used such a common photo – one that a keen-eyed viewer found pretty quickly.

You can’t even say he tried to fool people, since even those who aren’t au fait with Photoshop can see it’s a pretty poor effort.

Something Doesn’t Add Up

Math isn’t everyone’s strong point. Some of us are better as wordsmiths. But it doesn’t take Einstein to see there is something wrong with this guy’s math. Let’s hope he doesn’t work in a bank, although if he does maybe we should join. Seems to pay a lot of interest! 

365 quarters don’t add up to anywhere near $9,125. This is the figure you’d get by saving 25 dollars a day for a year, not 25 cents.

Even if you don’t end up getting thousands of dollars though, it might still be worth starting your own piggy bank!

Wrong Hero Here

This is probably a mistake rather than an untruth. But it’s still the kind that can have you rolling your eyes! Well we think whoever posted this advertisement just doesn’t know one superhero from another. Spiderman and Superman are pretty different, after all, although one can be taken out with a little bug spray while the other only succumbs to kryptonite!

Look closer and you might also notice something weird about the photo on the packaging. Is that a little boy’s head superimposed on an adult body? We think there is more than one strange thing about this post.

Powerade in the 70s?

This photo does look like a night time picture of a supermarket in the 1970s. But take a closer look. Do you see the Powerade in the photo? Yes, the same Powerade that was invented in the late 1980s?

This sounds like a strange thing to lie about. I mean why would someone even post this with a date at least 10 years before the snap was taken? Unless they legitimately didn’t have a clue. Another reason could be the poster wanted to see how many gullible people fell for it. But still – what’s the point really?

Can’t Get Anything Past Mom

Being ‘friends’ with your parents on social media comes with its share of risks. Especially if you post something which isn’t quite the truth. There are no flies on mom, and she will quickly annihilate any untrue tales you attempt to spin! Mom is always going to call you out if you post a bare-faced lie on social media.

Not only did the mom in this post actually buy the car but she also insured it for a year! Let’s hope her son was suitably chastised for spreading such a lie on social media.

Mass Production or One of a Kind

Do you recall the ‘Friends’ episode where Rachel keeps buying furniture from Pottery Barn and Phoebe says she hates the store? Well Rachel had to make up tales about how each piece was one of a kind, rather than mass produced. The following poster tried to fill his wallet with cash based on a lie rather than filling his house with furniture.

Fortunately one commenter managed to catch the advertiser out by posting a link to Wayfair, thus proving the ‘one of a kind’ throw was actually a mass produced item. All the original poster wanted to do was fleece someone by lying about the value of the item, which is pretty sneaky.

Losing Your Job vs. Walking Out

Oh how sad, this guy lost his job and all he can do is ask for donations from kind-hearted friends. Before getting your pocketbook out though – just wait. He wasn’t let go from the company at all. He simply quit!

It’s not the same thing at all. Maybe he quit for good reason, but lying about things isn’t the right way to go about this. We would put our wallet back in our pocket anyway!

Message in a Coffee

What’s the first thing you want to see when opening your eyes in the morning? If the answer is a steaming cup of coffee made lovingly for you by someone else, you aren’t alone. However, the following post isn’t exactly as it appears at first. 

The cute message on the cup is a compliment for sure, but it wasn’t something written for the original poster. Rather, this image was lifted from Google and the poster thought she’d pretend it happened to her.

One commenter just had to call her out though. So if you need an ego boost sometime, why not write your own inspirational quote on the cup? That way nobody will catch you out on social media.

Half-Baked Truth

What would you think if you accidentally dropped your cell phone into a cake and baked it in there? First of all you would probably be annoyed since cell phones aren’t cheap these days. And then you’d wonder whether the cake was still edible. 

It’s not like you can retrieve the half-baked phone and put it in a bowl of rice overnight. That isn’t going to solve a thing! It’s unlikely the original poster thought any such thing since this image was lifted from a YouTube video in the first place!

We wonder why she bothered with such an obvious like, as well as how she snapped ‘her photo’ without a phone!

Not Egg-xactly Truthful

The World Wide Web is full of strange people, which pretty much anyone who ever used it can attest. In fact, the more you explore the internet the weirder things you can find, especially when wandering into the realms of Reddit. This means a lot of online content should be taken with a pinch of salt. You know what else is good with a pinch of salt? A tasty boiled egg. 

In this post the person purchased 2 dozen (48) eggs and cracked them into muffin cups. Each cup seems to contain 2 double yolks! Is that really possible or could be poster be only yolking? Of course they were left with egg on their face when someone pointed out they must have had double the amount of egg whites as well!

Christmas Present

During the season of goodwill, this poster wanted to spread the Christmas cheer by tipping a server generously and writing a festive message on the check. Whether or not posting evidence of your kind deeds on social media channels is attention-seeking is another matter entirely. However, the most important thing is you’re doing it, correct? Actually this person didn’t even do anything. They lied for likes. 

Of course it doesn’t count if you doctor up the guest copy instead of adding the tip to the server’s copy. This eagle-eyed person quickly saw what was really happening.

When is Meat not Meat?

This post is pretty strange and we have to wonder whether the person asking the question was even being serious. Since when is pepperoni a vegan or vegetarian option? Sure there are probably vegan ‘meat’ alternatives but regular pepperoni isn’t one of them.

Is this person really serious or is someone eating pepperoni believing it’s meat-free? Pepperoni pizza also has mozzarella on so that doesn’t make it vegan either.

Vaxxing Lyrical

We all know the internet is full of dubious information and we have to be careful what we believe. You can find truths online of course but also a slew of misinformation and, during these current times, vaccination misinformation is all over the place. 

Take a look at this. The poster isn’t only spouting pseudoscience but also trying to put other parents off vaccinating their kids (which could offer lifesaving protection). As if that wasn’t bad enough, they are asking others to back up their outlandish claims as well! 

It’s a good thing their Facebook friend spotted the post and the OP was caught out in her lies.

Double Dialog

We have all watched or listened to celebrity interviews but we wouldn’t all take a conversation and pass it off as something of our own. This is especially true when thousands (or millions) of others will have seen the original footage of this talk show host interviewing a Hollywood star. So what was the OP thinking? Guess he wasn’t.

Repurposing the original dialog to make yourself look good on social media is never a good idea, since it’s too easy to get caught out.

Dinner Fibber

This post is positively cringe-inducing. We have all made up untruths to get out of social occasions we really didn’t want to attend. But posting it on Facebook as ‘public’ (so everyone can see) isn’t a smart move, especially if your boss spots he was the subject of your lie as well. Double ouch!

We bet the poster felt rather sheepish after being caught out in this way. Hopefully she didn’t lose her job. Next time she’s invited for dinner (if she ever is again) she will probably suck it up and go.

Studying in Secret

This one is interesting. A lot of people might pretend to be studying while playing an online game instead. But here, the poster is trying to pretend he isn’t studying, even though his roommate can clearly say he is!

It looks to use like there is some studying going on, although the laptop and books might simply be open. It’s always possible the OP was daydreaming.

Meat-Lovin’ Vegan

Although being vegan in spirit might not be any more animal-friendly than being a diehard carnivore, the following poster seems to like meat a little more than they seem to admit. 

Half chicken half steak doesn’t exactly scream ‘vegan’ now, does it?

Cut Down with 3 Words

What was Kennedy Jones, the musician, thinking when he not only posted this but tagged Seth as well? If you are going to claim that a celebrity DM’d you, be prepared for them to dispute it. Anyone who is tagged has a chance of seeing your post and, if untrue, they are also likely to deny all knowledge of it. Perhaps he assumed Mr Rogen would never notice.

Perhaps he had an ulterior motive though, and simply wanted to get Rogen to tag him in a post. If so, it seems to have worked!

No the Doctor Isn’t In

Do you know a self-professed medical expert spending all their time Googling symptoms only to come up with not only health advice but unfounded fears, tricking total strangers who need reassurance? 

The particular medical ‘expert’ decided to pretend he was qualified and said he graduated from a medical school which does actually exist. The problem with that is the medical school only just opened.

We don’t think he will be hanging this pretend certification on the wall of his fake M.D. office.

The Photo Already Egg-xisted

Why are there so many fraudulent egg posts online? Most of us enjoy eggs and there are certainly plenty of ways to enjoy them, but these fake facts just seem a bit egg-stra, don’t they? This person pretends they found this box of eggs with pretty colors but the photo had been on the internet a number of times before, so it wasn’t their photo at all.

So how did the commenter know that, and where are these egg-based internet forums we seem to have missed?

Bad Blood

Let’s forget all the egg posts and take a look at something else. Sometimes people just love airing their dirty laundry on Facebook. This can be a car crash to watch, especially when it begins almost unprompted and is completely public. Someone decided to share how much they hate liars, but according to an ex they don’t exactly seem to value truth very highly either!

Why would you keep your angry ex on your Facebook profile anyway? There is such a thing as ‘blocking’ you know!

Not So Secretly Clubbing

This girl is busy in the club but wasn’t so keen on letting her boyfriend know her whereabouts. Maybe she knew he wouldn’t be happy if she was out partying without him, but this comes across as rather suspicious.

We wonder what she replied to this text and how she got out of it. A twin sister maybe?

Fake Intruder

At first glance, this status looks worrying, but take a look at the comments underneath and you will soon see there’s more to this than meets the eye. What’s the first thing you would do if someone was trying to break into the house? 

We would probably dial 911 and inform the police. Maybe this woman didn’t want to make any noise, such as a phone call, which would attract the attention of the intruder. 

Before giving her the benefit of the doubt though, she claims not to be near a phone, although she’s using a mobile device to send the status message. Doh!

You aren’t Nick

People online often steal other people’s work and try to pass it off as their own. That means you should take most things shared on social media with a grain of salt, since you don’t know what’s true and what’s thieved from elsewhere. 

However this poster set themselves up as looking less than honest when he plagiarized another artist’s work and didn’t even think to block out the original photographer’s name.

We don’t know for certain this guy isn’t just using a pseudonym here. But it seems pretty unlikely.

Whatever the Weather (Or Not)

This one must have been awkward for the person when she was caught out spectacularly. She posted a well-known photo and then claimed she’d taken it herself from her house. Hmm, surely she didn’t imagine she wouldn’t get caught. She did decide to rip off the photo from a pillow though, which makes her look even sillier.

Some people don’t know when to quit, do they? And the more she explained about the monsoon, the more of a goon she seemed!

‘Plane’ Old Lying

This person chose to act like they were on vacation. Don’t we all daydream about holidays from time to time? However, why stop at dreaming? Why not continue the fantasy on social media? The airline happened to see this post though and revealed they don’t even fly to this destination.

This probably wasn’t a good idea – tagging the airline in that fictitious story.

Bad Driver

If you are doing to blame random strangers for silly mistakes you make, you should really cover your tracks better than this person did. Too embarrassed to admit they backed into their own wall during a reversing maneuver, the poster said someone else caused the damage. 

If you are doing to blame random strangers for silly mistakes you make, you should really cover your tracks better than this person did. Too embarrassed to admit they backed into their own wall during a reversing maneuver, the poster said someone else caused the damage. 

So the next time you’re thinking of claiming to be innocent, get rid of any incriminating evidence first. Or otherwise perhaps be more careful when reversing (tip: look out for brick walls that come out of nowhere!)

Feeling Left Out

It seems this person was trying to convince their friends they were the latest to win a ‘bargain deal’ (ie scam) and wanted to outdo their efforts. What they forgot however is text in blue (or green) is from you, while text in gray is from the other person. Were they feeling a bit left out?

Party People don’t have to take responsibility for this, since the color of the message gives away who sent it. Nothing about this made the poster look like a winner or even a smart person. We aren’t sure why they went in for this waste of time but there are no flies on their eagle-eyed pals.

A Flier and a Liar

This one is kind of strange as well. Someone called Adam tried to convince his friends that he snuck on to a plane as a stowaway. However, he didn’t exactly pull it off. 

He actually boarded the plane like everyone else and then just made up a fairytale about how he’d got on board. Why do people make up lies about this kind of thing? Beats us.

The airline wasted no time in clarifying what exactly happened. Oops!

Traffic Jam Fibs

Why do people post lies which are too easy to catch? Take this poster, for example. They pretended the photo of people abandoning vehicles in Germany was because of a fuel price increase. However, the photo wasn’t even taken in Germany but in China.

This total gridlock doesn’t look too appealing to us. Perhaps using the train (or even a bike) would be a better idea if you’re heading to China. Another tip would be not telling lies about things in the first place.

Time Travel?

Some people just love to try and fool others by claiming they have things they couldn’t possibly have? Take this post for example. This not-so-humble boast isn’t all that true either. In fact since the vehicle wasn’t even released yet, the poster looked rather foolish for posting this.

However, pretending to own a vehicle literally months or years before it’s even in production means it’s fairly likely someone else is going to pick up on your fib and laugh at your expense. The best thing to do here would be not to lie in the first place!