AMD FSR vs. Nvidia DLSS. The first comparisons appeared within the same game

AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR) technology is available for the PlayStation 5. And we learned about it in a different way.

Recall that AMD FSR is an open source solution, and numerous reviews have shown that the upscale technology can work conditionally on any GPU.

However, neither AMD itself nor Sony have ever mentioned support from the PlayStation 5. Technically, the set-top box does not interfere with supporting the technology, but for some reason Sony was silent. And today it suddenly became clear that everything works.

Yes, AMD FSR technology definitely works on PlayStation 5 and is already available on console in one game

This was reported by the developers of the game Arcadegeddon. A patch was released for her yesterday, bringing FSR support to both PC and PS5. In this way, thanks to the developers of the game, which many have not even heard of, we can finally confidently say that AMD FSR is available on any video card and all home consoles of the current generation.

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