The number of robotic vacuum cleaners has increased significantly over the past couple of years. And it may seem that they are all the same within the same price category. But this is not the case. For example, a year ago for 10-11 thousand rubles. It wasn’t easy to find a model with wet cleaning. Now, this is not a problem. Even at such a relatively low price, robots can have a good set of functions and clean very well.

The Chinese company Yeedi recently released a new model of the vacuum cleaner, the K650. He does not have a lidar, so he cannot build maps of premises. But he can do a little more than ordinary inexpensive robots. But first things first.

What does it look like?

The robot looks pretty cute. The top panel is glass, the body itself is plastic. The power button is located on the side surface. There is also the reset button. And one more, the main one, is accessible from above. It serves to start cleaning manually.

The Yeedi K650 package bundle is not the scantiest. In addition to the vacuum cleaner itself, we found in the box a charger, a replaceable brush with a bristle (another one is installed on the robot, with rubber grips), a spare filter and 5 microfiber cloths for wet cleaning. There is only one set of side brushes.

You need to download the Yeedi app to control your smartphone. Unfortunately, software from Chinese manufacturers often turns out to be disgustingly Russified: the fonts are terrible, the translation is clearly done with the help of Google … But here is a completely different matter – although we found a couple of errors, the application is very convenient to work with. Moreover, the paper instruction in the kit is also perfectly translated, including into Russian. This was a pleasant surprise.

Since the vacuum cleaner is designed for both dry and wet cleaning, it needs a container for dust and water. Here they are made in one cassette – it is removed from the back of the vacuum cleaner.

An important point: there is a lid in the dust compartment, which, when removed, lowers and does not allow the contents to fall out. There was a place for a cleaning device on the cassette: on one side it has a brush, on the other – a knife for cutting off the hair that has been wound around the brush.

The water compartment is covered with a rubber stopper. It should be noted that the compartments here are quite large: 400 ml for dust and 300 for water. The wet cleaning cloth is attached with elastic bands to a special panel, and the panel latches are inserted into the grooves on the case.

How does it work?

Yeedi K650 uses gyro navigation and moves in zigzags in basic mode. Also, it has a local cleaning mode (small space) and “perimeter” (along the walls).

Due to its low height, the robot easily crawls under sofas and other furniture. There are three suction power modes: “Normal”, “Maximum” and “Maximum +”. There is also “Quiet”, but the manufacturer recommends it only for wet cleaning. You can also change the intensity of the water supply.

One of the most useful features is scheduled to work. It can be set for each day of the week at a specific time. We also found the line “Do not disturb” in the menu – all functions of the vacuum cleaner will be disabled during the specified interval.

Virtual walls are not supported in this model, but you can restrict movement using magnetic tape. Unfortunately, it is not included in the kit, but it will not be difficult to buy it. It can be glued, for example, to areas where the robot can get stuck, such as under a low sofa. By the way, if he does get stuck, he sends a notification to the smartphone.

There were no problems with connecting the robot. Unless the speaker is set to high volume by default and can easily wake up or frighten unsuspecting household members, the volume can subsequently be adjusted. At the same time, the language can be changed in the settings.

To start cleaning, press the button on the top panel of the robot. But it is even more convenient to do this through the application. As we already mentioned, the vacuum cleaner begins to move along a zigzag path. At the same time, it seems purely visually that it misses rather large areas. Especially if the room’s contours are very uneven (for example, there is a lot of furniture with legs). In fact, later the robot returns to the missed sections and “refines” them.

At least they used the “normal” mode. The suction power was quite enough for cleaning the apartment. The silicone brush did a surprisingly good job of picking up the cat hair from the carpet – a regular vacuum cleaner without a turbo brush does it less efficiently.

Wet cleaning robots are not the strongest place. It is useful in any case – there will be less dust. But don’t rely on stains on kitchen tiles or dirty shoes in the hallway.

It took 45 minutes to clean a two-room apartment of 50 m2. The robot’s characteristics indicate that from one charge, it can work up to 2 hours – which means that the battery is guaranteed to be enough for a large apartment. When the charge level is low, the robot will crawl to the base – however, after replenishing the energy reserve, it does not return to the work program.

Total: is it worth buying a Yeddi K650?

The K650 looks much more attractive at a low cost than most vacuum cleaners from China. The quality of cleaning is quite normal for this price segment. It is possible to control it from a smartphone (including scheduling).

By the way, if you want the vacuum cleaner not just to wipe the floor with a damp cloth, but really wash it, look at the models in our article about such devices.

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