The Chinese company Xiaomi has officially presented another household device – the Mi Water Purifier 1200G. The novelty is already available for pre-order at a price of $ 462, or about 34,500 rubles at the current exchange rate.

The price may seem high, but the Mi Water Purifier 1200G is not a simple jug purifier, but a large and powerful flow-through device capable of delivering purified water at a very high rate of 3.2 liters per minute by the standards of the class. A liter kettle Mi Water Purifier 1200G can fill in just 18.9 seconds, and a 150 ml glass from the purifier will take just 3 seconds.

Cleaning is carried out using double reverse osmosis technology. In total, there are eight levels of deep filtration, which will help to effectively filter out bacteria, heavy metals and other substances harmful to humans. Xiaomi Mi Water Purifier 1200G will go on sale next Monday, July 26th. By the way, Xiaomi recently managed to bypass Apple in smartphone sales.

Source: Xiaomi

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