According to the latest data from analyst firm Canalys, Xiaomi became the second largest mobile phone brand in the world in the second quarter of this year, with only 2% behind Samsung.

A well-known network informant under the nickname Ice Universe, who often shares reliable and exclusive information about new products in the mobile industry, is confident that Xiaomi will soon surpass Samsung and become the leader of the smartphone market.

Xiaomi will soon surpass Samsung and become number one because their product strategy is completely opposite. Samsung desperately reduces the competitiveness of its products for the sake of profit, while Xiaomi, on the contrary, offers good quality and low price.

Ice universe

Ice Universe predicts that if Samsung does not change its strategy, it will be outstripped by Xiaomi and another Chinese manufacturer. As a result, Samsung will become the third largest mobile phone manufacturer in 10 quarters.

Ice Universe accurately predicted the announcements of several Samsung image sensors. In addition, he predicted the emergence of smartphones with “waterfall screens”, like the Vivo Nex 3, and the announcement of the Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha with a wraparound screen.

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