As reported by ITHome, various Xiaomi Mi 11 users are reporting the problem of motherboard failure of the new flagship of the Chinese manufacturer.

Users leave messages on various forums, as well as on the official page of the company’s CEO Lei Jun on the Chinese social network Weibo. In their messages, many users confirm that their smartphones are out of order, and service centers have confirmed that the reason is the burning of motherboards.

Xiaomi, this is a failure.  Xiaomi Mi 11 motherboards burn out

Also, the owners of Xiaomi Mi 11 confirm that smartphones overheat before failure. They suggest that the problem may be caused by the not-so-high-quality heat dissipation system of the smartphone.

At the time of the publication of the note, Xiaomi has not yet made an official statement. The leader of the company also did not respond to any of the messages.

Xiaomi Mi 11 was released at the beginning of the year, in three weeks sales of smartphones exceeded 1 million units in China alone.

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