IFixit specialists got to the Xiaomi flagship presented at the end of last year, which they already managed to disassemble, evaluate and give their qualified maintainability assessment. According to iFixit criteria, the device deserves a rating below average – 4 points out of 10. Repairers did not like the curved glass, which not only is extremely exposed to the risk of falls but also complicates life during disassembly, forcing them to work with caution. And the breakdown of the fingerprint scanner inevitably leads to the removal of the display, and this, again, is a challenging process fraught with breakdowns.

On the positive side, experts noted the need for only one Philips screwdriver to work with the device and mentioned the modular design, which simplifies replacing many components. Considering all the screen complexities, the good news is that the battery can be replaced without touching this vulnerable point. The set of advantages and disadvantages of the Mi 11 design corresponds to most modern flagships and is a cost of design and modern technology. You can find the full disassembly report here.

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