We have repeatedly reported how smartphones ended up at the bottom of reservoirs, where they spent days and even weeks, after which they kept their working capacity. However, sometimes ordinary smartphones remain functional in situations where even protected phones cannot withstand.

One of the users of last year’s flagship smartphone Xiaomi Mi 10, told how his phone fell out of his hands and fell under the wheels of a bus. The back panel of the devices was badly damaged, but, interestingly, the protective screen remained intact, although a vertical stripe appeared on display. The user confirmed that the smartphone remained in working order.

Xiaomi Mi 10 hit by a bus and remained in working order

In this regard, Weibo users noted that modern Xiaomi mobile phones have become much more durable than a few years ago. As a reminder, only today the Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro and Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra went on sale, which became the manufacturer’s first smartphones that meet the IP68 protection degree. More than $ 180 million worth of smartphones were sold in just one minute. More than 300,000 pre-orders have been placed on the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra alone.

We recently reported how the iPhone 11 Pro has been at the bottom of a frozen lake for a month while remaining in full working order.

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