And another novelty from the Chinese company Xiaomi is the Robot Vacuum Cleaner Pro, which has become the most productive representative of the MIJIA family. The novelty is based on a 4000 Pa engine. The vacuum cleaner is the first in the industry to have a flagship AIoT dual processor capable of home mapping and route planning based on AI with autonomous learning.

According to the manufacturer, Robot Vacuum Cleaner Pro becomes “smarter” literally after every cleaning. Unlike the models of previous generations, the novelty is able to independently determine which room it is in and automatically find the desired card in its memory.

The 5200mAh battery promises cleaning up to 250 square meters on a single charge. Provides a function of multidimensional binocular obstacle recognition and laser navigation system LDS. The novelty is able not only to vacuum, but also to wash floors. Meanwhile, the best camera phone in Xiaomi’s history has been officially recognized as the best in the world.

Source: Xiaomi

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