Zimi, a smartphone accessories company backed by Xiaomi, is now wholly owned by the Chinese tech giant.

Xiaomi Group has announced the acquisition of a 50.09% stake in Zimi for $ 205 million. Prior to this, Xiaomi already owned 49.91% of Zimi’s shares, so now Zimi becomes a subsidiary of Xiaomi.

Xiaomi said Zimi technology as well as power supply research and development capabilities can enhance Xiaomi’s technical competitiveness in smart technology and save costs.

Xiaomi has replenishment: Zimi has become a new

Zimi has its own ZMI product line, with the company saying it is committed to making high-quality smartphone accessories including chargers, wireless chargers, data cables and more.

Zimi was founded in 2012 as Jiangsu Zimi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., and in 2013 joined a large list of companies supported by Xioami. Zimi has long been responsible for the development of Xiaomi power supplies and external batteries.

Zhang Feng, founder of Zimi, later became a partner and vice president of Xiaomi Group.

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