Today Xiaomi has officially confirmed that the company has a new chip of its own design ready. This has delighted fans awaiting the release of the successor to the Surging S1 single-chip system introduced in 2017.

However, it should be noted that this time we are not talking about a single-chip system. Sources point out that this is an image processing processor (ISP). Modern SoCs include CPUs, GPUs, ISPs, NPUs, and other units that are celebrated for various tasks.

It is reported that the Xiaomi ISP will be an independent processor that will be responsible for processing data from the camera. It can process information about color, lighting and other information collected by the image sensor and produce the highest quality image in the end.

Xiaomi has built its own processor, stocks skyrocketed

Influenced by this news, coupled with rumors that Xiaomi and Great Wall are making cars, Hong Kong shares of the Xiaomi Group are up nearly 8%.

The presentation of the Xiaomi image processor is expected on March 29.

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