Xiaomi today officially announced another smartphone based on the Snapdragon 888 platform, the Mi 11X. Earlier, Xiaomi vice president and head of Xiaomi India Manu Kumar Jain promised to release at least three new models on Snapdragon 888, and Mi 11X is one of them.

Manu Kumar Jane promised that the Mi 11X would demonstrate “extreme performance”, get “exceptional screen, camera and sound”, and will delight you with “exquisite design.” According to the top manager, this model will become exclusive for the Indian market, but it is not a fact that in a month or two after the start of sales, Xiaomi will not want to expand its geography.

The teaser indicates that the announcement of the Mi 11X will take place on April 23rd. On the same day, the company will present the Mi 11 Ultra in India. It is difficult to say what is behind the Mi 11X designation. It may be just a renamed Mi 11 Pro, but it could just as well be a completely independent model.

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