The Black Shark brand, backed by the Chinese company Xiaomi, has announced several new smartphone accessories: additional physical controllers for controlling games have debuted.

Triggers Black Shark Shoulder Buttons are attached to the body of the cellular device like clips. Each of these mini-controllers contains two control buttons. Users will be able to set, say, two triggers at the top of the smartphone when held in landscape orientation. The price of new products is approximately $ 6 per piece.

Also, a Black Shark Dual-Port charger has been announced. As reflected in the name, it is endowed with two ports – these are USB Type-C and USB Type-A connectors. The maximum power is 30W. A foldable plug for connecting to an electrical outlet is mentioned. The cost is $ 12.

Finally, the connecting cables have been announced. This is a Black Shark Type-C Data Cable with a USB Type-A connector and an angled USB Type-C connector on the other. The accessory costs $ 9.


Apple iPhone owners will be offered Black Shark Lightning Data Cable and Lightning Fast Charging Data Cable. They are equipped with Lightning and USB Type-A connectors. The cost is $ 9 and $ 11, respectively.

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