An ardent supporter of former US President Donald Trump and the youngest bitcoin millionaire, Erik Finman, has presented the “freedom smartphone” project. The mobile device is called Freedom Phone. I must say that the world’s first uncensored smartphone turned out to be not very expensive – they ask for only $ 500 for it.

World's first uncensored smartphone introduced.  Freedom Phone running FreedomOS

True, practically nothing is said about the characteristics. We only know that he received a lot of memory, a 6-inch screen and a camera with high-resolution sensors. Interestingly, this model does not provide any standard app store: it promises its own app store, from which users will be able to download uncensored programs.

The smartphone will also have pre-installed applications – “some of the most popular prohibited”. FreedomOS is declared as the operating system, but on the basis of what it was created is a question. According to Finman, Freedom Phone “Does everything your current phone does, except censoring you and spying on you”… The creators assure that, unlike Apple and Android devices, Freedom Phone will not merge data from applications, keyboard logs and geolocation data. Another feature that prevents data leakage is called Trust: it will alert the user if an application or site wants to track some information about the user.

Introduced the world's first uncensored smartphone.  Freedom Phone running FreedomOS

The Freedom Phone will go on sale in the US in August for $ 500. The smartphone can be used on the networks of Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint and a number of other local North American and international operators.

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