Recently, Microsoft began to stir up public interest in the presentation of “next generation” Windows. In the meantime, new details have become known about the potential successor to Windows 10.

Windows 11 gets massive update for next generation Intel processors

As a reminder, the next big Windows update, codenamed Sun Valley, should bring a redesigned OS design and interface. As the thematic resource WindowsLatest reported with reference to the video blogger Moore’s Law is Dead, the next version of Windows will also receive “massive updates” designed to improve compatibility and optimize the system scheduler, which manages multitasking and monitors performance, for hybrid processors. What’s more, these updates are expected to support next generation Intel processors.

These are the highly anticipated 12th Gen Intel Core processors, codenamed Alder Lake. Intel will unveil Alder Lake at the same time Microsoft launches the new OS in October, the source notes.

Enthusiasts have already seen in teasers from Microsoft and statements from top managers that we are not just waiting for the next update to Windows 10 – instead, Microsoft decided to emphasize the transition to the next level and release Windows 11. Network informants also confirm this name.

The next generation Windows launch is set for June 24, 2021.

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