Rapper William James Adams, known to many as Will.i.am, showed a sophisticated Xupermask for $299.

The mask will be available in white and black. White with an orange-red insert in the chin area.

HEPA filters are replaceable, that is, the accessory will last a long time. Three-speed fans are provided for comfort.

The mask has a built-in highlight—no useful ingredient – just for beauty. Jose Fernandez designed the mask.

Also included with the mask are wireless headphones with an active noise cancellation system attached with magnets. Built-in rechargeable batteries last for 7 hours of operation.

In addition to the mask and wireless headphones, the kit comes with a set of filters for three months, “smart” loops of different sizes and an ordinary cloth mask if the “smart” gadget is discharged. Sales start on April 8th in the US, Canada, UK and EU countries.

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