Cordless power tools can operate on batteries of different voltages. For household (amateur) series, 12 V is usually used, for semi-professional – 14.4-18 V, for professional – even higher. Where did the 10.8 V instruments go? After all, a few years ago there were also a lot of them.

It may sound strange, but both values ​​are correct here. The fact is that the maximum voltage of these batteries is 12 V, and the operating (nominal) voltage is 10.8. In Europe, the production of power tools is largely regulated by the EPTA (European Power Tool Manufacturers Association). For a long time, this Association prescribed to indicate exactly the nominal voltage of the battery of the power tool. Say, it works at 10.8 V – just write.

But 3 years ago the recommendations changed. Now the bet was placed on maximum tension, and manufacturers quickly reoriented themselves.

Now the same power tools with the same batteries are suddenly officially 12-volt. At the same time, absolutely everything remained the same: for example, chargers for 10.8-volt series were used without problems with new 12V batteries.

Of course, the tensions have not changed either. Nothing at all except the name. So the alarm is false: it is not unusual for the battery to be labeled with a lower voltage.

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