Why a mobile phone battery can explode

Usually, the strictest safety precautions are followed in the manufacture and installation of smartphone batteries to prevent the battery from exploding. However, on rare occasions, batteries, mostly lithium batteries, can catch fire.

  • The main cause of the fire is battery damage. For example, a mobile phone battery can be broken if dropped or moisture gets inside.
  • It is equally dangerous to charge your smartphone with a non-original or damaged charger and use unreliable charging accessories. This can cause the battery to overheat and, in some cases, start to burn.
  • If the battery in your phone is installed incorrectly or is defective in some way, it could also cause an explosion.
  • Also, the battery may overheat due to external influences such as exposure to hot sunlight while charging. If at the same time the phone overheats, then it can catch fire or explode – but naturally, this happens rarely and mostly with faulty batteries.

How to Avoid Explosion of Lithium Batteries

Paying attention to a few things in your smartphone’s daily use can help reduce the chances of its battery catching fire or exploding.

  • Do not leave your phone unattended while charging. Also, in replenishing the battery, you should avoid serious loads – do not run games and other heavy applications on the phone.
  • Do not place your phone in the hot sun or near heat sources. Also, you should avoid getting water inside the case if the smartphone is not waterproof.
  • Use only original or manufacturer-certified devices to charge your phone.
  • Check your smartphone after falls and other mechanical damage, and if you suspect that the battery has been “hit,” immediately contact the service department to replace it.
  • If your phone gets very hot while charging or daily use, you should also consult an expert for a battery check.
  • If the smartphone’s cover is swollen or began to move away from the mounts, also rush to the service to replace the battery.

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