Kingston Technology has announced the release of a new line gaming ram for computers called Kingston FURY. RAM will now be released under the Kingston FURY brand, and HyperX will no longer be used in the memory name.

Family of RAM Kingston FURY. Source: Kingston Technology

Why did the name change?

HyperX was a subsidiary of Kingston Technology, but it came under HP’s control on June 1, 2021. Along with the right to use the brand, HP took over the HyperX portfolio, which includes all gaming computer peripherals, that is, keyboards, mice, rugs, headphones and miscellaneous accessories.

Memory production, according to the deal, remained under the control of Kingston Technology, the world leader in memory production. It is reported by official website of the company

What about HyperX memory?

It will now be marketed under the Kingston FURY brand. For example, the top line of HyperX Predator RAM is called Kingston FURY renegade… Buyers have access to dies from 8 to 32 GB of memory in a set from 16 to 256 GB. The main feature of this series is high frequencies (up to 5333 MHz for DDR4), as well as low latencies.

Some versions of this series will be sold with LED backlighting. Source: Kingston

The popular HyperX Fury RAM category has changed its name to Kingston FURY Beast… There are also available dies with a volume of 8 to 32 GB, but there are smaller kit options: from 16 to 128 GB. The maximum frequency of FURY Beast reaches 3733 MHz. This line has the ability to overclock to 2666 MHz. It also works with XMP 2.0 and Ryzen profiles.

The Kingston FURY Beast, the successor to the HyperX Fury, will become the most popular line of RAM modules. Source: Kingston

SO-DIMM RAM for laptops and mini PCs, formerly known as HyperX Impact, now known as Kingston FURY Impact… In kits with a volume of 16 to 64 GB, there will be dies with a volume of 8 to 32 GB.

A compact solution that fits perfectly with your laptop. Source: Kingston

In the fourth quarter, DDR5 RAM will be released under the Kingston FURY brand. There are both DDR3 and DDR4 solutions here. The maximum operating frequency is 3200 MHz, there are special profiles for AMD Ryzen and Intel.

Has anything changed during production?

No, HP only acquired the production of gaming peripherals, as well as the HyperX brand itself. RAM, SSD and flash memory are manufactured by Kingston Technology in the same capacities and with the same quality control as before.

What about my HyperX memory warranty?

Kingston Technology has undertaken all warranty coverage for HyperX’s DRAM, solid state drives, and flash memory products.

The text was written with the support of the Russian division of Kingston.

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