Who eats, when eats, how and how much

Everyone who is trying to figure out nutrition is having a hard time. When you hear a thousand conflicting opinions, facts and studies, it becomes more and more difficult to draw conclusions that are right for yourself. “Dairy is evil. No, sugar is evil. And even fruit is sugar. On the contrary, fruit is the best food for humans. The main evil is meat. No, meat is necessary, and soy is evil. ”

From the age of 18 I have been constantly studying the topic of nutrition and health, and by my 32 years I am sure that there is no one proper diet for everyone and there are no products that are beneficial for everyone. The context is always important: who eats it, when it eats and how. ⠀

Ripe seasonal fruits are great food for a healthy person, but for a person who already has digestive problems, unripe fruits from the nearest store may not be the best food. A handful of currants from a country bush is an excellent portion of vitamins and antioxidants. But the sweet melon eaten right after a solid feast can add to digestion problems.

A serving of regular pasta is difficult to attribute to a healthy diet, especially if you eat pasta every day. But if this portion is present in the diet once a week, and in addition to it you eat a lot of vegetables and herbs, these pasta will not violate your healthy diet. Especially if it is whole wheat pasta.

Okinawa centenarians eat a lot of tofu and miso. Do I need to eat a lot of soy products in Moscow? It is unlikely, because the tofu that is traditionally eaten in Okinawa is very different from the industrial tofu that is sold in our supermarkets. The classical method of fermentation significantly improves the quality of soy, making it easier to digest.

Will the healthiest food be useful if I eat it at the computer, on the run or just in a bad mood? ⠀

And this applies to all products: vegetable juices, and soy, and meat, and milk, and potatoes. Who eats it, when it eats, how and in what quantity.

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This article was originally published at: SalatShop, this is a translated version.

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