Yesterday, Meizu released a limited edition Meizu 18 smartphone in the Meizu 18 Chinese White Dolphin Rare Edition, which was offered for about $ 900.

This edition was produced in a limited edition of 88 copies. The devices were instantly sold out, after which they appeared on various sites selling electronics, only the price almost doubled.

It is the only smartphone with a screen that curves on all four sides, with the display bezels and back being white. The screen itself is black, contrary to the previous information.

White smartphones Meizu 18 instantly sold out and resell twice as expensive

The Meizu 18 Chinese White Dolphin Rare Edition is equipped with 12 GB of RAM and 256 GB of flash memory, the package contains five Chinese White Dolphin icons, a small pillow Chinese White Dolphin and a smartphone case.

It is worth noting that Meizu was one of the first manufacturers to announce support for the new HarmonyOS operating system.

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