Apple has unveiled a new operating system for its Macs – macOS 12 Monterey at WWDC 2021. Immediately after the announcement, testing of a preliminary version of macOS 12 Monterey Preview among developers who participate in the Apple Developer Program began.

Official: Which Apple Laptops and Desktop PCs Can Install the Latest macOS 12 Monterey

Public beta testing of macOS 12 Monterey among all comers is scheduled to begin in July. The stable release of the new Apple OS is scheduled for fall 2021. MacOS 12 Monterey users will be able to install macOS 12 for free:

  • Mac Pro – Late 2013 and newer
  • iMac Pro – 2017 and newer
  • Mac mini – Late 2014 and newer
  • MacBook Air – Early 2015 and newer
  • MacBook – Early 2016 and newer
  • MacBook Pro – Early 2015 and newer

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