The team of the popular messenger WhatsApp, part of Facebook, announced the launch of new opportunities for business accounts and companies.

WhatsApp made it easier to communicate with brands and companies

WhatsApp has updated the WhatsApp Business API, which should speed up API setup for companies and make messaging easier for users. As the developers explained, if earlier it took companies weeks to configure the API, now it will take only five minutes.

Also, in the past, companies could only send notifications to customers within 24 hours, which made it difficult to provide additional information outside this time frame. Now other types of messages have started to be supported as well. For example, you can send a notification to a customer when an item is in stock, and various alerts to health authorities.

There are new messaging features that will allow you to resolve issues faster. New options for messages are a menu of up to 10 items, thanks to which users do not have to type their own response to a message.

Users will also have additional options to complain to the WhatsApp administration if, after communicating with the company, there is a reason to block it.

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