With the release of PlayStation 5, PS4 game developers have a new opportunity – to improve old projects for the new console, taking into account its higher performance and new technologies.

What the highly acclaimed game The Last of Us: Part II, enhanced for PlayStation 5, might look like.  Simulation shows the difference

The Last of Us: Part II, which has won the most Game of the Year awards in history, is currently available on PS5 simply in backward compatibility mode, albeit with support for the new DualSense controller technologies. It is not yet clear if Naughty Dog will release an improved version, but it is already possible to take a look at what it might look like.

The authors of the ElAnalistaDeBits channel, using the Gigapixel AI technology, have improved the picture of The Last of Us: Part II, at the same time increasing the resolution and frame rate. As a result, according to the authors, something like this may look like an improved version of one of the best, according to many gaming publications, games of 2020.

The increased detail and clarity of objects is clearly visible, starting with the grass and ending with the fabric of Ellie’s backpack. It remains to wait for the release of such a game and compare the simulation with reality.

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