Patrick Wilson, MediaTek USA’s vice president of government affairs, answered several questions about the general state of the smartphone industry, 5G technology, and the global chip shortage.

MediaTek recently became the leading supplier of smartphone SoCs, ahead of Qualcomm for the first time. The Taiwanese chipmaker is not worried about chip shortages and does not expect the shortage to affect MediaTek’s SoC shipments to manufacturers. Patrick Wilson said 5G smartphones based on MediaTek SoCs will not suffer from a shortage.

So far so good. We are growing really fast. MediaTek is already leading the markets in Asia, Indonesia, India, and we are also leading the Middle East and South America. But this is not the case in the United States yet.

Patrick Wilson

What is the deficit?  MediaTek is doing fine

He added that the shortage does not affect “the top high-end smartphone SoCs that MediaTek produces for its customers.” Rather, the shortage is affecting “low-level chips and other electronic sensors used in gadgets from cars to PCs.” This increased demand is driven by several factors, including the US-China trade conflict.

Global smartphone shipments were up 24% due to “high consumer demand with older devices,” as well as increased demand for 5G from some markets, especially China, where 5G rollouts have been particularly aggressive. MediaTek’s Dimensity 5G SoCs have proven to be a worthy alternative to Qualcomm’s 5G SoCs.

Two independent sources immediately confirmed that MediaTek will be the first chipmaker to release a single-chip system based on a 4-nanometer process.

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