At WWDC 2021, Apple introduced iOS 15. The final version of the operating system will be available this fall.

Many were expecting a serious redesign, interactive widgets and other interesting innovations, but alas – the update came out in minor.

However, Apple did not reveal all the features of the new system. We figured out what else is interesting hidden in iOS 15.


There are new clothes, a choice of colors for the left or right eye, glasses, multi-colored hats, a cochlear implant and an oxygen tube. Memoji can now be customized even more.


This is a redesigned Do Not Disturb mode with statuses, restricting notifications from specific programs or people, and automatic replies if someone is diligently trying to interfere with your productivity.

The statuses can change depending on the location, time or launch of a particular program. There is also a fully automatic mode, when the smartphone will decide for itself which status to set.


The appearance of the browser has changed: the web bar is now located at the bottom so that you do not have to drag on, and the “extra” buttons are hidden.

A logical question arises: how to refresh the page? It is inconvenient to open an additional menu every time. It turns out that you just need to drag the page down.

Safari also has extensions that can be installed through the App Store. I don’t know how necessary it is in a browser on a smartphone, but now there is such an opportunity.

“Live text”

The most important thing you need to know about text recognition in photos, screenshots and in the browser is that there is no support for the Russian language. Perhaps the limitation is temporary. I’d like to believe in it very much.


Improved search for photos, web images and apps in the App Store. Now we have added the ability to immediately install applications. But the most useful is access from the lock screen. Just drag down and Spotlight will launch.


Finally, an information panel with photo data appeared: when, where, on which device, in what format and with what settings the picture was taken. You can also change the date and time if, for example, you downloaded a picture.


The voice assistant has become smarter. Request processing now occurs on the device, which should improve response rates. Siri also learns, produces more relevant results, and finally maintains context between requests. Besides, you can control “smart” devices at a certain time. For example, you might say, “Siri, turn on the lights at 8:00 pm.”

Universal access

Now you can set the settings for each application. For example, text size, add filter or color inverse.

The Magnifier application has become part of the system. Use your iPhone as a magnifying glass.

Application Library

You can now change the order of the home screen pages.


The iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro have improved panoramic shots – there will be less distortion.

Now, when shooting a QuickTake video, you can zoom in or out by simply swiping your finger up and down.

Find my

A lot of useful things have appeared here. You will receive a notification about moving away from the placemark or any other gadget with Locator support. Devices can be found even if they are completely discharged. If the smartphone is “dropped” to the factory settings, you can track it, and during the initial setup, a message about blocking will appear.


We returned the magnifying glass that appears when moving the cursor.

But this is all nonsense – finally, a swipe in Russian! True, it does not work in the first beta, but it should be corrected for the next versions or release.

Drag and drop

On iPhone, just like on iPad, you can now drag and drop photos, files or documents from one application to another.


A built-in authenticator has appeared. You no longer need a third-party application to generate the verification codes required for additional security during authorization.


When updating your software, you can choose which version of iOS to install – the latest or a set of security updates.

Data transfer

When you buy a new device, if you are using iCloud to transfer data, Apple will kindly give you an unlimited three-week limit for temporary data storage.


When selected, text can be translated immediately. Then copy it, replace it, or save it.

A communication mode has appeared, when the text is automatically translated and a dialogue is formed.


New items: Locator, Contacts, Game Center, App Store, Sleep, Mail. You can choose which widget will be used by default in the stack, and smart suggestions appeared depending on the context and the use of certain programs.

Please note that many features are only available on new devices – read the footnotes on the Apple website… Everything is detailed on the preview page.

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