Apple yesterday announced the date for the WWDC 2021 Developer Conference:

There is no doubt that new operating systems will be shown at the conference. But what will be interesting about them? Colleagues from 9to5Mac have prepared concepts for iOS, watchOS and macOS with many new and expected features.

iOS 15

So, what do you want to see in the new mobile system?

Ability to delete, move and edit desktops. In iOS 14, it became possible to hide them, but this is not enough for proper configuration.

Resize widgets. Now for this you need to delete the widget, select the size of the new one, and only then add it to the home screen. It is very difficult and time consuming.

A page with a detailed description of app updates. It happens that the program has been updated and you have to look for the announced innovations.

Boosted FaceTime. Now there is no way to schedule calls and invite users there. There is no screen broadcast and remote control of the device.

Selected emojis. Now the keyboard has a “Recently Used” tab, but even there it is not always possible to find frequently sent emoticons.

Password Manager application. To find out the password for a social network or an application, in iOS 14 you have to go through the settings, but you can simplify all this and make a new application. It would also be nice to add discount cards, notes, files and other useful data there.

Night mode with MagSafe charging. So as on the Apple Watch: you can see the time, charge, and have the ability to turn off the alarm.

MagSafe setup. For example, one could view information about an accessory and disable animations for the same wallet. It would be great.

But these are all the wishes of users, and what Apple will show on June 7 is a mystery.

macOS 12

One of the current systems found references to macOS 12, not macOS 11.x. It looks like Apple decided to change the system number in a similar way to iOS. Let’s figure out what the system lacks according to 9to5Mac.

Wallet app. So you could keep track of transactions and Apple Card balance, pay off card debt, and so on. Now this can only be done on a smartphone.

Updated Photo Booth. Add Memoji and Animoji, update effects, integrate into other applications – the update has been asking for years.

TestFlight for macOS. On iOS, you can painlessly test applications, and on macOS, for this, you need to download new versions of programs from the developers’ sites. Do not do like this.

A new kind of notifications. It is high time to bring them to a common form with iOS.

Simplification of two-factor authentication. Logging in with Touch ID? Let the hidden code be sent to the service immediately. No one will see or intercept him.

In addition to the system itself, I would like to see new computers running Apple Silicon. If you believe the insiders, then the iMac in frameless design should be shown at this event.

watchOS 8

New-old widgets, more watch faces and apps.

The first watchOS had widgets located in the Control Center. So it’s time to return them! Why run a program to, say, control playback? We opened the control center, got to the necessary informative widget and did everything necessary.

Application “Health”. It’s amazing why the watch still doesn’t have it. Here you could see all your activity and sleep data, as well as information from third-party sensors.

New dials. Yes, we need more dials year after year.

Write in the comments what you are waiting for the most. A reminder that our Media app will be streaming and keeping up with the latest news during WWDC 2021 on June 7th.

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