The design of the watch has not changed since the release of the Apple Watch Series 4. New colors and materials appeared, but the display, thickness, buttons, and everything else remained unchanged.

According to rumors, next year, we will have a cardinal redesign (as far as possible in a watch format), which means it’s time to look at the concepts.

Twitter designer published a great concept of what an Apple Watch Series 7 might look like in an iPhone 12 chopped edge design.

The watch is in a steel case, the button and the wheel are recessed into the case as much as possible, and the straps will apparently fit from previous generations. It looks very good, but how comfortable it will be and how often the watch will cling to clothes remains in question.

Share in the comments what watches you would like to watch next year: what are you missing, what are you tired of, how to update the design.

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