Weird Things You Can Only See at Your Local Grocery Store

The world is full of strange sights but some of them are only seen at your local supermarket. Everyone shops for groceries which means you can expect to find all kinds of weird and wonderful folks doing their weekly shopping. 

Let’s take a look at some grocery store sights which would definitely make fellow shoppers do a double-take. Who is to say what’s normal these days and what’s unusual? 

Many things that used to be thought strange are now considered mainstream. So what’s strange to one person might be completely normal to someone else (who might or might not be wearing a crazy costume and walking their pet llama!)

Taking the Goose for a Walk

It goes without saying that dogs are the most common animal you will see being walked around the store, but people report seeing everything from cats to llamas walking the aisles. When is the last time you spotted a pet goose helping mom to shop?

Geese aren’t known to have the most placid tempers however so let’s just hope this little goose remained as happy throughout the trip as he was in the above photo.

Donkey Dress Up

If you’re a parent, is it fair to say you’d do anything for your little ones? What happens if it’s a big ‘ask’ such as dressing up as Winnie the Pooh’s character Eeyore – would you be game for that?

It’s a pity we don’t get to see the front view of this photo but we expect the baby is dressed up as Winnie the Pooh’s Piglet. In fact, maybe mom is waiting in the car dressed up as Winnie the Pooh himself. Why not?

Aww So Cute

Not everything spotted in supermarkets is weird or unbelievable. In fact there are some ‘cute’ moments as well. Just look at this snap of the little boy holding the mannequin’s hand. Isn’t that the most adorable thing you’ve seen today?

So was he trying to make a new friend (albeit a very quiet one) or looking for mom and dad, a precious moment was captured in this photo.

Can’t Reach the Bottom

Take a look at this amusing photo. The shopper must have thought taking the plunge to the bottom of the freezer was a good idea. Was she trying to grab that last package of fries or was she cooling off from the heat or from a hot flash? We will probably never know.

It’s possible she dropped her phone or shopping list in there. Let’s hope she managed to get out soon!

Unflattering Supermarket Photos

People don’t usually dress up to go shopping. Whether they’re on the hunt for milk, eggs or bread, or perhaps some sugar or baking powder for a cookie recipe, 24-hour opening times means there’s no such thing as a strange time to shop. Some people might throw a robe over their pajamas while others turn up in whatever they happen to be wearing. Not many of us look that great under bright fluorescent lights either.

The above picture seems to show no one is safe from the dreaded supermarket effect.

His ‘n Hers

Talking of the supermarket effect, what do you make of the couple in this picture? They donned some his ‘n hers bathrobes to head to Walmart. Aww, isn’t that sweet?

A lot of people don’t care what they look like in public, at least at the supermarket. You can often see some strangely dressed folks, but we happen to think this particular couple is cute!

An Interesting Backdrop

These days nowhere is off-limits for taking selfies. This girl has a very individual sense of style and is posing for the camera in a grocery store. Whatever you make of her style there’s no doubt she is making an impression.

She is looking very cool here, maybe even cooler than the freezer aisle.

Junk Food Fan

This guy is obviously partial to fast food, proudly showing his love of donuts as well as pizza. Does he look like a ‘snack’ or just a hardcore foodie fanatic.

What a shame none of those pizza slices or donuts is edible. The phrase ‘walking fashion disaster’ might be unkindly applied to the gentleman in question. Fortunately we are too distracted by those pizza slices to pay too much attention to the crazy footwear.

No matter how much we appreciate his effort to pay homage to his favorite foods, we must admit this look is a fashion disaster. Too many patterns, too many colors and don’t even get us started on those shoes! Good thing 

It’s Winnie the Pooh

Do you still remember the photo of the man dressed up like Eeyore? We have to wonder whether this is his wife and she decided not to wait in the car for her partner.

This could also be a completely different person of course. There might not be too many Winnie the Poohs wandering around the aisles of grocery stores but as costumes go this is a popular choice. This lady isn’t wearing shoes though, which is strange in itself.

Dogs and Cats

The following picture is a reminder we can love both dogs and cats. The girl is clearly a Hello Kitty fan but she also has her cute pooch with her.

This kind of photo looks like it was taken in someone’s living room. It isn’t until you look closer you see she is in a department store. We would probably only wear those pajamas at home though – or not at all!

Raccoon in Aisle 4

Pet-friendly stores see plenty of dogs and sometimes a cat on a leash too. But we can safely say taking a pet raccoon to the store isn’t something we see much of, or in fact ever! Dogs, cats and even ducks and llamas like to walk through shops but this raccoon makes us wonder where the line is drawn, or even if there is one!

The girl seems happy with this raccoon perching on her shoulder but can that really be comfortable? Just look at those scary talons!

Stretch those Muscles

Of course stretching is a good idea if you’re about to hit the gym or go for a run, and cooling down is just as important as warming up. However, most trips around the supermarket don’t tend to be that strenuous, so perhaps this lady was heading to the gym after paying for her purchases. Or maybe she was planning to jog home.

Standing in line at the grocery store isn’t anyone’s favorite activity, so why not save time and get your stretches done early so you can jump straight on the elliptical machine or treadmill. We find her time management abilities impressive anyway.

Ouch My Eyes

There is a huge difference between trendy and stylish. Trendy applies to popular current fashions while style is what happens when you combine different pieces of clothing. However we probably wouldn’t describe these high-heeled sneakers as trendy, fashionable or stylish.

They’re certainly unique and that’s about all we can say about them. These could well be the least comfortable pair of sneakers ever invented and we aren’t in any hurry to buy a pair.

The Versatility of Doritos

Doritos are a versatile kind of chip. Enjoy them from the bag or pair them with anything from tomato salsa to guacamole. Crush them to make an interesting coating for chicken or fish or add them to a salad. Something else you can do with Doritos is fix your car. Yes, really.

This chip lover decided to repurpose an empty Doritos bag to mend the trunk of his car. Who needs mechanics anyway when Doritos can save the day this way?

Matching Hats

This one certainly deserves a double-take, or maybe a triple-take. Just look at the dog sporting a cowboy hat like his owner. Where do you even go to purchase that size of hat and how do you stop the dog from tearing it off? The cashier doesn’t even seem all that surprised to see this due, although judging from the other pictures in our list we expect she’s seen a thing or two!

One thing is certain anyway and that’s the dog looks pretty cute in his cool headwear.

Can I Alpaca Your Bags?

Dogs, cats and various animals are often spotted accompanying their owners, whether that might be on a drive or to the mall. However, you don’t see many alpacas or llamas outside of the zoo, at least not in our local grocery store. This exotic creature looks perfectly relaxed and the cashier looks rather amused. 

He looks like he’s waiting to buy himself something!

Unusual Proposal Venue

A lot of people love grocery stores but do you love them enough to propose there? A proposal in the clothing clearance department isn’t everyone’s idea of the perfect proposal, but we are sure there must be an interesting story behind all of this.

Maybe this is where they first met. She looks pretty happy about things. We wonder whether she said ‘I do!’

Fluffy Shoppers

We aren’t sure exactly sure of the reason behind it, but Tuesday afternoons seem to bring out the strangest people. Take this pair of shoppers. Looking normal from the neck down, they are rocking some furry masks instead.

Although it isn’t immediately clear why this pair wanted to dress up, seeing people in masks or even full costumes usually brings a smile to our faces. It’s all just fun, right? Well, unless they burst into a bank dressed like that.

Is It a Bike? Is It a Car?

Actually we aren’t really sure. The front end is a bike while the back end is more like a car. This unusual parked vehicle is the strangest cut ‘n shut case we’ve seen.

It’s pretty unlikely anywhere is selling these unusual hybrids. Even if they are, it’s hard to imagine how this vehicle actually drives, although we’d be tempted to hang around in the parking lot to find out!

Pink Hair, Don’t Care

Some people love to rock bright-colored wigs while others describe their ideal shade to a hairdresser or even buy box dye and color their own tresses. We don’t all have Kylie Jenner’s team of hair experts to recreate her Coachella look, so let’s take another peek at those wigs.

The hair might be pretty in pink (and we actually dig that shade) but let’s just say she might want to try on a pair of high-waisted jeans. They can really complement the female form.

A Model Customer

Dressing up is more closely associated with hitting the club or going to a fancy restaurant than heading to the toy store. However, this lady seems to have made a special effort to look chic. Is she buying baby supplies then heading straight to a party?

She also seems not to have the baby with her. Sometimes we all get curious about the story behind a photo.

What a Cool Dog

Leaving kids and dogs in the car on a hot day while you’re grabbing the groceries isn’t generally recommended since the temperature can get fiercely hot in there when the AC isn’t running. But just look at how well prepared this guy was and how cool his pooch is. What a good boy!

The dog looks pretty chill there and isn’t causing anyone any trouble. In fact, we’re sure he brought smiles to every fact that day.

Strike a Pose

Do you have some yoga-loving friends? If so, you might not be so surprised when they suddenly strike a pose. The following photo might have been behind the recent spate of yoga fans posting pictures of themselves doing yoga at the grocery store.

We can think of more relaxing places than the supermarket, such as a pretty beach or a tranquil forest. But there’s no reason not to seek a little Zen while you’re shopping and sometimes striking a pose. Why don’t more people try new yoga poses in aisle eight?

Walking in Heels

This doesn’t look like a strange shot to start with. It just looks like someone’s grandpa shopping for this year’s Halloween costume. But wait, look at his feet. He is rocking those heels.

We’re not sure whether he needs the cane to help with his balance or whether it’s all part of his upcoming costume. Well we don’t think Skeletor wore stilettos in He-Man but kudos to this guy.

Let’s Do the Conga

Do you remember when the conga was the latest craze on the dance floor, or are we aging ourselves asking such a question? These shoppers are having a little fun doing the conga in the grocery store. They might be sitting down and driving but they’re definitely having fun.

Not much could go wrong unless they run into high-heeled grandpa or maybe trip up the lady striking a yoga pose. However, we’ve all seen people in electric shopping carts getting in other shoppers’ ways, so just imagine how much worse it would be quadrupling the issue!

Don’t Slice Nana!

There are some dangerous things sold in some stores, such as knives for example. However, this grandma wasn’t expecting to find a Nana Slicer in her local shop.

She might want to keep her fingers away from this banana slicing gadget. Designers clearly don’t have time to add the ‘ba-‘ in front of ‘nana’.

Just Walking the Duck

Taking the dog for a walk is often a question of heading to the local park and letting him off the leash to explore. However, not everyone considers a dog as man’s best friend. This lady has a pet duck instead.

We aren’t sure exactly what the duck is going on here but the lady certainly looks happy with her little friend, even if other shoppers thought her a little ‘quackers’.

Technology for Everyone

Although the Amish are known for avoiding modern technology whenever possible, this guy couldn’t resist the lure of a video game.We guess he doesn’t have an X-Box at home but luckily for him the store had one he could play with.

Let’s hope the Redditor who posted this didn’t get our video game-playing friend in trouble with the community.

Bored by Any Chance?

We’ve all been there – wandering around a shop with someone and yawning, wishing they would just hurry up and make a decision so you could get home. We wonder whether that’s what happened to this girl. Or maybe she simply fancied 40 winks because she was up late the night before. Like with many other supermarket photos we will never really know.

A grocery cart doesn’t look like the most comfortable spot for a power nap but at least she didn’t nod off on a bed in the home section. And yes, we have seen folks really doing that!

A Seat for Two

Electric shopping carts can be dangerous as well as fun when people zoom around on them but take a look at this cute couple. They didn’t want to be apart for a second, so chose to make this electric cart into a loveseat. Can you say ‘aww’?

We don’t see any cans on string hanging off the back though and that would make this already romantic moment even more touching. Maybe there was only one electric cart left, which is a much less romantic reason for all this.

Stuck to the Seat

A lot of weird things happen in grocery stores and if you’ve read to this point already you will see what we mean! Some of the weirder occurrences make it into the news. This unusual tale happened back in 2012 after a woman found herself glued to a toilet seat and had to call for help.

Even worse, the lady in question wasn’t the first or last victim of this meal prank. We don’t know why anyone would put superglue on a toilet seat in the first place, but it just goes to show there are some strange people in the world.

Santa Has to Shop Too

Although Santa’s elves make the toys he delivers to good boys and girls all over the world the night before Christmas, they are far too busy toy-making to bother with mundane tasks such as the weekly shop.

Whether Mr and Mrs Claus (some might call her Mary Christmas!) needed some last-minute mince pies and mulled wine or perhaps some special reindeer food, it’s cute to see them out shopping together.

This Shop Gets Rave Reviews

You can find people from all walks of life in the supermarket these days. Everyone from businessmen to cowboys can be spotted perusing the aisles, buying whatever they need for their lives. It can be a lot of fun people-watching at the local grocery store. You never know what you’re going to see. Take this pair of ravers for example.

She’s clearly a fan of pink and just look at those crazy boots!

Combining Your Purchases

Some people’s grocery carts show what they’re planning. For example, the lady with beef, potatoes and carrots in hers might be making a stew, while the boy with a pair of inline skates is planning to have some fun zooming around the neighborhood. This guy however has a couple of mismatched items in his cart. 

But whatever we might think about the grocery cart contents, we can’t stop admiring that awesome orange helmet. That’s the best part of the photo.


We all know one of the strangest things about the pandemic were the empty shelves where there should have been toilet paper. But why is that? Do people use the toilet more during a pandemic? This lady has clearly come prepared and doesn’t intent to run out of loo roll anytime soon.

The gas mask might be rather excessive and so might the amount of toilet paper unless she has 10 kids at home.

He’s on Your Shoulders

Shoppers are usually happy to bring their pets into the store with them and well-behaved pets are usually welcomed. It’s fair to say most pets stay on the floor but not this little guy. He prefers to sit atop his owner’s shoulders for a better view of what’s going on.

Did he get tired of walking or was the floor cold? This is another thing we’ll never know.

Stroller in a Cart

Kids are allowed in grocery carts but usually in the area next to the handlebar where mom (or dad) can keep an eye on their little one. This person decided to put the entire stroller in the cart though. It’s understandable when pushing a stroller as well as pushing a grocery cart (especially the one with the wonky wheel we always seem to get) can be a tricky maneuver.

Let’s just hope she didn’t have to buy too much because that stroller is taking up most of the room in the cart.

The Hunt for Chocolate Eggs

As we saw earlier, Santa is partial to the occasional supermarket visit. But how about the Easter Bunny? Well apparently he headed to his local market as soon as he learned they had plenty of chocolate eggs.

How did the kids feel seeing him there? We wonder what’s coming up next – maybe the tooth fairy buying a bottle of mouth wash?

It’s the Wienermobile

This one doesn’t have much to do with being inside the store but it was parked right under the logo, so we are happy to share it here.

The Weinermobile is a hotdog-shaped vehicle which has been used for some 90 years to advertise Oscar Mayer products. Although it does look a bit weird, this vehicle has proved very popular as a promotional tool. Hotdog fans always love to spot one of these vehicles too, such as the person who snapped this picture. There are various models of Wienermobile and we love them all.

Superhero Ballerina

We can’t really make up our minds about this one. Is that a superhero costume or a modern take on a ballet outfit? Perhaps it’s a magical combination of both.

We don’t recall seeing anything quite like this in superhero comic books but how cool would it be for a flying ballet dancer to be the world’s next superhero?

What is Zit?

This one looks like some kind of toy or game at first glance, but look closer and you’ll see it is some kind of toy but not one we’d want to play with. In fact this prank product, Pop ‘n Play Pimples, has fake zits you can stick all over your face. When someone tries to pop them, gross white fluid comes out so it looks like popping a real pimple.

Can’t really say we are surprised to see this located in the clearance aisle.

We Spotted an Elf

This lady can’t get enough of Christmas or watching the ‘Home Alone’ movie. She would make a great female elf to play alongside Will Ferrell. She certainly has the passion for it as well as the cheeky elfin grin.

We are impressed with the details of her costume and wouldn’t be surprised if she knew every line from this holiday classic off by heart. This elf isn’t on the shelf but she’s certainly browsing the shelves.

Audition for GLOW

There are plenty of colorful characters in the Netflix show GLOW so you might not notice an extra one. We think this lady would have been hired right away if they were casting at this store.

She would have to wear the mask all the time anyway so it wouldn’t really matter how good (or bad) she was at acting. The costume department doesn’t even have to put effort into designing her outfit since this girl has done a pretty good job of that already for herself.

It’s Santa!

Ho ho ho! Santa isn’t always the most unusual person in the photo. Take this example – the guy couldn’t look any more delighted to be snapped with his hero if he tried. Whether he’s excited because Christmas is on the way or because he found Santa Claus lurking in aisle seven, that is one huge grin he is sporting.

Just look at the guy’s beard. As soon as he lit up with joy meeting his festive hero his beard spontaneously changed colors! Yep, that’s some good old Christmas magic right there. 

Is That the Mummy?

At first glance this looks like a stylish summer gown but wait. Take a closer look. Yes, it’s a dress made from toilet paper. Not many people would create their fashions from humble TP, especially with the recent shortage, but if you want to turn yourself into a mummy for Halloween, toilet paper can make a pretty good job of that. 

We didn’t realize toilet paper wasn’t just for the restroom. This is one nifty way to advertise it, although it’s hard to think of anyone not purchasing this bathroom staple already.

Young at Heart

All kids love running around and finding new activities to entertain us. Who remembers pushing our brothers and sisters around in grocery carts or having them push us? It’s good fun in a quiet parking lot but a little less fun if they push us down a steep hill! Have a look at this lovely older couple doing the exact thing.

This photo is adorable and we have to say it’s heartwarming to see them having fun.


Seeing mall security wandering around a large store is nothing new. But this photo was taken just as someone with Insecurity stamped on their back walked by the guy with Security, which is kind of amusing.

Sometimes timing is the best thing about amazing pictures. We’re happy to see someone was on the ball enough to catch this amusing twist of fate.


Have you ever been in a busy store and felt like you’d prefer to be literally anywhere else (well, maybe except for work)? If so, you will know just how this gentleman feels. His virtual reality headset means he can pretend to be anywhere he wants to be.

This is a pretty cool strategy you might like to use whenever someone keeps you waiting but you don’t really want to sit in the car. So what kind of virtual reality would you enjoy the most? May we suggest a beautiful sunny beach perhaps?

Longest Dreadlocks

At first glance you might think the guy in the photo has a tail but look again. What he’s actually done is kept his long dreadlocks underneath his sweater and they’re hanging out of the bottom of the top.

Do you remember at school when the naughty kids put a ‘kick me’ sticker on your back? Or maybe you were the one causing mischief. Well dreadlocks aren’t the same thing as a sticker but we are sure his unusual ‘do’ gets a lot of second glances. 

Chicken on his Shoulder

Pirates are often depicted as having a parrot on their shoulder. ‘Pieces of eight!’ you can almost imagine them shouting. Well the guy in this photo seems to have gone with the bird idea but with a chicken instead of a parrot. Why would you take a pet chicken to the store in the first place? Wouldn’t it freak out seeing all the dead ones in the freezer aisle?

It’s certainly easier to head to KFC or Chic-Fil-A if you’re in the mood for a chicken burger or a bucket of wings but maybe chickens make great pets. We just haven’t had one yet. And just think about all those delicious fresh eggs you can enjoy for breakfast.

Alien Cleaner

When did you last see aliens at your grocery store? What is even more unusual about this moment is the alien is vacuuming. Yes, he works there. Wonder if he’s on the books or an illegal alien.

You can’t really tell whether this guy is enjoying himself or not but what a treat to witness such a spectacle.

The Cutest Hedgehog

Now we have seen how run of the mill it is to bring your dog to the store or even your duck, goose, alpaca, or chicken. But look at this little fella. Isn’t he adorable? This is the first time we saw somebody with a hedgehog in their grocery cart. Why would you leave your precious baby hedgehog at home if you have important errands to run? Bring him with you so he can also enjoy the fun.

Although he’s kind of spiky he still looks cuddly to us!

Enough Bananas for an Army

Sure, we all love bananas, but why would anybody want to purchase them in this quantity? Do they have a pet monkey at home or are they stocking up for the apocalypse? Maybe the banana buyer is addicted to homemade banana bread or is starting up a business making this delicacy to sell to others.

Bananas have that worrying tendency to turn from under-ripe to black and mushy in the blink of an eye, so let’s hope all of these were enjoyed. Banana smoothies, anyone? The cashier looks rather stunned as well.

Apologetic Powder

Oops! Something has smashed on the floor. Unfortunately this is a common occurrence in grocery stores. Spills are just part of day to day supermarket life. Whoever dropped this jar of powder must have felt bad about it though. Look at the message they wrote in the spilt powder. Hopefully there were no shards of glass in there.

What would you do? Look for a store employee or try to clean the mess up yourself? We would forgive the hapless customer who dropped this product. At least they were polite enough to write an apology.

Very Committed

Since the week only has 7 days, this store has to be very committed to open 9 days a week. Is this a typo or is this store just trying to communicate their earnest wish to go above and beyond for their customers?

We can think of a third possibility though, which is the store wants to open 6 days a week and somebody put the ‘6’ on upside down. Somebody is going to get into trouble for that, although it looks like nobody (except this eagle-eyed photographer) seems to have even noticed. 

So what is the strangest thing you have witnessed in the grocery store? Have you perhaps spotted someone with an unusual pet or in a crazy outfit? Perhaps you have seen someone still in their pajamas, slippers and bathrobe or maybe you saw something else. 

One thing for sure is everyone who works in a supermarket has their own stories about unusual customers, both of the human variety and the furred or feathered kind!

We aren’t sure why grocery stores, malls and supermarkets bring out the ‘weird’ in people but it can certainly liven up an otherwise dull visit. So the next time you are heading out to the store, make sure you keep your eyes peeled and your camera handy. You literally never know what you are going to see in there!