Disney + service will rise in price soon. The platform has been available for over a year, and during this time it has gained considerable popularity.

However, starting tomorrow, the subscription will become somewhat more expensive. True, the price increase is very modest: by $ 1 if you subscribe for a month and by $ 10 if you subscribe immediately for a year.

Watching Marvel and Star Wars movies will become more expensive.  Disney + Service Raises Prices

In total, a monthly subscription will now cost $ 8, and an annual subscription will cost $ 80. The add-on package, which also includes Hulu and ESPN Plus, will rise in price from $ 13 to $ 14, and if you want to get rid of ads, you will have to pay $ 20 per month instead of $ 19.

This is the first price increase for Disney +, and everyone has the option to lock in the old price if they subscribe to the annual subscription before tomorrow.

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