Wasteland 3 post-apocalyptic RPG development team from inXile Entertainment summed up the outgoing year and spoke about his plans for the next.

InXile Entertainment is proud of its successes: 1 million unique players, positive press and user reviews, and one of The Game Awards 2020.

The developers later recalled that since the release, they worked tirelessly to fix bugs and reduce downloads. Improving the game is still ongoing – update 1.2.0 called Meat Maker Marinade is on its way.

The patch promises to bring with it “A bunch of improvements and fixes”… The patch is expected to be released next week (from December 7 to 13) on all target platforms.


By the end of this year, inXile Entertainment plans to release update 1.3. With this patch, Wasteland 3 will, among other things, bring support for macOS and Linux, as well as subtitles in Portuguese and Italian.

As for 2021, the authors promise further fixes for Wasteland 3, new features (for example, permanent death), improvements to animal companions, increased customization of the gaming experience, and the release of add-ons.

Wasteland 3 was released on August 28 this year on PC (Steam, GOG, Microsoft Store, Xbox Game Pass), PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. In addition to finalizing this game, inXile Entertainment is busy creating several new ones.

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