According to Chinese media reports, on Saturday, June 5, an explosion occurred at the Hunan Nantang Warehousing and Logistics Company, an electronics warehouse logistics company, causing a massive fire. The result was a large mushroom cloud that could be observed from a distance of several kilometers.

The local administration dispatched several fire trucks to extinguish the fire. The official cause of the explosion has not been reported. It was immediately rumored on local forums that the fire had occurred in a Xiaomi warehouse, and that it would affect the stock of goods prepared for the 618 sale, which continues in China.

Xiaomi has made an official announcement. According to Wang Hua, head of PR for Xiaomi Group, this warehouse does not belong to Xiaomi, but he confirmed that it contained Xiaomi products that were damaged as a result of the incident. All goods have insurance.

Warehouse with Xiaomi smartphones and other electronics exploded

Wang Hua also confirmed that customers from South China will not experience any delays in the delivery of the ordered goods. As for the rest of the world, there is no specific information yet.

On the day of the sale of the 618, Xiaomi showed excellent results. Its smartphones Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro, Xiaomi Mi 11 and Xiaomi Mi 10S have become the best-selling smartphones in their price categories.

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