While many Nintendo fans are waiting for a new version of the Switch game console with a better display and 4K support, the Japanese giant decided to introduce a new color variant of the Nintendo Switch Lite instead. The console is available in a darker blue with a touch of purple.

The Nintendo Switch Lite is a simplified version of the Switch with a smaller display, one-piece design (no detachable Joy-Con), a proper D-pad and a lighter design to make it easy to carry anywhere. On the other hand, Switch Lite is not capable of outputting video to an external screen, so there is no way you can connect the device to a TV or projector.

Waiting for the next generation of Nintendo Switch?  Together, Nintendo introduced the Nintendo Switch Lite in a new, darker blue color.

The new version of the console will go on sale on May 21 along with one of the recently announced Nintendo games called Miitopia. This is an updated version of the game of the same name, released on Nintendo 3DS in 2017, with improved graphics.

Nintendo Switch Lite is priced at $ 200.

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