Today, Huawei held a big presentation on the HarmonyOS operating system and new devices based on it. Including, smart watches Huawei Watch 3 and Watch 3 Pro were presented.

During the presentation, Huawei made an interesting statement by the team of the social network “VKontakte” – it is planned to launch an application for smart watches. According to VK technical director Alexander Tobol, the adapted application for smart watches based on Harmony OS will be available to users in 2021.

With its help, users will be able to exchange text and voice messages, as well as share images with each other. In this case, all notifications will immediately appear on the screen.

By the end of summer, using the VKontakte application for smart watches, it will be possible to control music: turn on and flip through tracks, share them with friends.

Later, the developers integrate other services of the VKontakte ecosystem into smartwatches. With the VK super-application, users can solve various daily tasks without leaving the platform: make purchases, find housing and work, view the schedule of matches. The new application for wearable devices will help you not to miss the start of the video broadcast, the arrival of a taxi or a courier who delivered your favorite food.

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