The Russian team of the popular Viber messenger announced the launch of new features. According to the press service, the innovations will help users remember important matters and scheduled meetings.

Viber now has reminders and favorites for business messages

One of the innovations is the ability to add important or frequently used chats to favorites. With regular chats, this functionality was available for quite some time, but now it has become available for business messages that companies send to Viber users who have signed up to receive notifications through the messenger.

Viber now has reminders and favorites for business messages

For example, you can add to your favorites a message with confirmation of a hotel reservation or information about an appointment for a laboratory test. Users can pin the selected message inside a business chat with a company, or pin the chat itself to the top of the business chats folder, or drag it to the main chat screen.

The second major innovation is the creation of reminders for entries and lists in My Notes. To add a reminder, just click on any note and select “Create a reminder”.

New functions are already available in versions of Viber applications for mobile devices on iOS and Android, as well as for computers.

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