Using the iCloud service, you can determine the geolocation of your iPhone and remotely erase data from it.

What if you lost your iPhone?

You do not know where you lost your iPhone, but you really want to find it. First of all, you need to decide which device you will use to search for your lost smartphone. If using a PC, you will need to log into the iCloud service using your browser. If you have other Apple devices, you need to use the Find My app.

By launching the application (or go to the iCloud service): you will see all devices linked to your Apple ID.

Congratulations! Now you know where your iPhone is.

Locator will show the location of the device even if it is not connected to the Internet. In this case, Apple gadgets of other users are used in the search, but everything is absolutely confidential.

What can you do with a lost iPhone?

By the way, it may be that you accidentally put it under a blanket or on a closet shelf: then the locator shows that the iPhone is in the apartment, but you cannot find it. To do this, use the “Play Sound” function. If you activate it, your iPhone or any other lost Apple gadget will emit a long beep to help you find it.

If the iPhone is located somewhere outside your home, your next step is to mark the device as missing. In this case, it will be blocked, and your message with a backup phone number will be displayed on it. This will help the finder return the find to you (if, of course, he wants to do it).

Alternatively, you can erase the contents of the iPhone. Click the “Erase this device” button, and the information will be erased, and the device will return to factory settings. When you find your iPhone, you can restore information from a backup. If you are unable to locate the missing device, report it to the police. To do this, you will need to provide law enforcement agencies with the iPhone identification number so that they can find your iPhone by IMEI. You can find this number in the settings section of your iPhone or the Apple service, as well as on the box from the smartphone.

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