Bose, known for their headphones with the best active noise canceling on the market, but far from the best sound, presented a very unusual sports TWS pair. According to Bose, the Sports Open Earbuds are designed for workouts. However, they are suitable for people who do not like gags. And these headphones are extraordinary.

Oddity # 1: no charging case

Even though we are used to the fact that TWS headphones come with a charging case, the Bose Sports Open Earbuds do not have one. Instead, buyers will find a charging station:

And carrying case:

The latter protects the earbuds but does not charge them.

Oddity # 2: they have an unusual shape

And I’m not talking about the “horn” covering the ear, but about the shape of the emitter. It’s kind of like an earbud, which is unexpected for sports headphones:

Due to this strange shape, it is not very clear how the headphones will perform their main function – to play music since the sound channel goes perpendicular to the ear channel:

Bose representatives claim that this is done specifically for athletes:

Runners and cyclists are asking us to make headphones so they can focus on their workouts. They don’t want to get tangled up in wires, neck straps, or constantly pulling out their earbuds to hear street traffic, a workout partner, nature, or anything they don’t want to miss. Our new sports open-back headphones solve these problems.

Mehul Trivedi

Bose Wearable Audio Category Director

I assume that the sound system here is the same as the Bose Frames – glasses with speakers. Seryozha wrote a review, you can read:

And the sound of these glasses is not at all impressive. Yes, you are always with music. But the quality is comparable to the music included from the iPhone speakers. These glasses are not headphones: you won’t get deep bass. Their task is to play music in the background, not particularly distracting from the main process but diluting the monotony with pleasant melodies. And this approach fits very well with the Bose concept:

  • The QC 35 II and NC 700 with active noise reduction are essential for concentration: they don’t have the best sound. In them, you should listen to music that does not distract from work at 30% volume with active noise suppression turned on. And this is a really great product for such purposes;
  • The mentioned Bose Frames are perfect for relaxing on the beach: a cocktail through a straw, the sea, the sun, and music appropriate to the mood that does not very loudly complement this vibe.

Judging by the description, Bose Sports Open Earbuds perform quite a clear task: they only supplement the surrounding sound world with pleasant melodies that you ignore. They are unlikely to interfere with your conversation with someone. So, for example, music in a shopping center does not prevent you from talking to sellers, your partner, friends, or parents. But here I come to the third point.

This photo could be another oddity due to the proportions of the headphones – they seem very large. Moreover, the weight of each earphone is only 14 grams. Source: Bose

Oddity # 3: leaks

Imagine: you are using public transport. A person sits not far from you and listens to music on headphones. You, in principle, do not care what he is listening to, even Morgenstern. However, you hear these cries of “I ate my grandfather.” This is called music leaks. And Bose promises there won’t be any:

Even at high volume, you will hear your content and your interlocutor, while others will not.


And looking at the shape, I don’t understand how this is possible. Here the problem is not even in the headphones themselves, but how much the auricle remains open – the sound will be reflected from it and go out in a nasty squeak. Bose glasses perfectly illustrate this: everyone hears this very squeak and quite clearly distinguishes your interlocutor’s speech with whom you are talking on the phone.

Oddity # 4: moisture protection

The headphones are designed for people who play sports. The company cites the example of cyclists and runners, most of whom do their sports outdoors.

And then the question arises: why are the headphones protected from water exclusively in the IPX4 class? This is, in fact, the only protection against light sweat. What to do if caught in a heavy downpour?

What else?

The headphones work up to 8 hours, connect via Bluetooth 5.1, and they also have no active noise reduction. The button on the left calls up the voice assistant, the button on the right – pauses music or turns on / off the call. Bose Sports Open Earbuds work with both Android and iOS, connecting using the Bose Music app.

For all this, the company asks for $ 200 in the United States before taxes. Sales will begin in mid-January.

Despite the obvious oddities, this is a completely understandable product. It would be best if you didn’t look at it like headphones in their usual sense. Their task is not to fill your world with music, but only to supplement it. And from this point of view, these headphones look like an interesting product.

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