Hyundai HYMC-1611

The 5 l bowl is made of aluminum and has a Teflon coating to which food does not stick. The model supports a delayed start (up to 24 hours) and a timer (up to 60 minutes). The set with the multicooker also comes with two spatulas, a measuring cup and a dish with holes for cooking steamed dishes.

The multicooker boasts an unusual design: it is made in black with beige accents. The kitchen will look quite original, and it will not take much space: its dimensions are 260x270x410 mm, and its weight is only 4.3 kg. The model costs about 5,000 rubles – this is the average price for a device with a large number of programs.

Polaris PMC 0521 IQ Home

In total, the multicooker has programs for 20 food categories, including soups, pastries, desserts, drinks, cereals, pizza and even pasta. Accurate gram sizes and servings are indicated for all recipes. Dishes can be added to favorites and made into unique menus for everyday or festive meals. If there is already food in the bowl, then you can remotely adjust its heating from anywhere in the world.

You can also control the multicooker using the panel on the body. The buttons are labeled in accordance with the modes, so that even an elderly person or a child can figure it out. A 5L bowl will hold enough food to feed a large family. It has a non-stick coating and is easy to clean. And if the multicooker is unplugged, it will keep food warm for another two hours. The device can be bought for an average of 5,000 rubles. The manufacturer’s warranty is 2 years.

Tefal RK901F32

During operation, you can adjust the time and temperature, set the delayed start or keep warm, like in a thermos. The bowl with a standard volume of 5 liters is covered with a non-stick layer that is easy to clean. The multicooker itself is made of plastic and metal in black and gold colors.


Programs are switched using buttons, and all information about the operation process is displayed on the built-in display. The multicooker has a timer, temperature regulator, delayed start function and express heating. Also, the device is able to maintain the temperature – this option turns on automatically after the end of cooking.

The model costs about 5500 rubles, and the device comes with a container for steaming, a basket with a handle for deep fat, a stirring paddle, a measuring cup and a book with recipes.

Philips HD3136 / 03 Viva Collection

The multicooker programs are standard: for cereals, pilaf, baking, stewing and yogurt. Unless they offer to cook pasta in it. We also note that it is smaller than the previous models from our rating – with a 4-liter bowl. But even this will be enough to prepare dinner for a family of 4-5 people. The multicooker comes with a steaming dish, a measuring cup and a cookbook with recipes.

REDMOND SkyCooker M227S

Otherwise, it is a classic model with a set of automatic programs for pilaf, yoghurt, cereals, baked goods and various cereals. The multicooker has a timer (up to 24 hours), a delayed start function and a spacious five-liter bowl. And the complete set will delight any culinary specialist: it includes a container for steaming, a measuring form, a spoon for stirring, a scoop and even a book with recipes for a multicooker. And the device costs relatively little – about 4000 rubles.

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