The US Department of Commerce has blacklisted Chinese companies Tianjin Phytium Information Technology and Sunway Microelectronics, Shanghai High Performance Integrated Circuit Design Center, Jinan National Supercomputing Center, Shenzhen National Supercomputer Center, Wuxi National Supercomputer Center and Zhengzhou National Supercomputer Center. According to the Americans, the new members of the list “participated in the creation of supercomputers used by the Chinese armed forces, in China’s destabilizing efforts to modernize the armed forces and / or in programs to create weapons of mass destruction.”

United States blacklisted Chinese supercomputer companies and organizations

“Supercomputing capabilities are vital to the development of many — perhaps almost all — of modern weapons and national security systems such as nuclear and hypersonic weapons,” said US Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo.

Companies or others on the list must apply for licenses with the Department of Commerce, which are subject to rigorous scrutiny when applying for authorization to receive goods from US suppliers.

The new rules take effect immediately, but do not apply to goods from US suppliers already in transit.

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