Uber, a well-known taxi service provider, plans to sell its air taxi business to Uber Elevate. According to a new report, the company is already in preliminary negotiations to sell the device to aerospace firm Joby Aviation.

Uber is in talks to sell its Air Taxi business

The company has been working on an air taxi division and even announced a partnership with Hyundai Motor Co earlier this year for those who don’t know. The partnership was to develop electric air taxis. At the moment, Uber has not yet commented on this issue.

Uber is in talks to sell its Air Taxi business

In May, the company had to cut 23% of its workforce due to cost cuts after its operations were hit hard by the coronavirus outbreak. Since then, the company has focused on its core business of calling passengers and delivering food. Thus, the sale of an air taxi may be due to the inability to manage the project at the moment. Uber is known to have already worked on other projects, including self-driving cars, the Elevate project, and even a freight logistics network.

However, they may soon be sold as Uber is also in talks to sell its self-driving car business. Unfortunately, we have no further information on this matter. We’ll have to wait for new information or announcements from the company itself. So stay tuned.



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