Tsar-fold! Huawei Mate X2 screen surprised users

Huawei bragged about the Mate X2’s display at yesterday’s presentation, comparing it to the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2. On one of the slides, the manufacturer sketched a bump in the centre of the device’s folding mechanism. Here it is:

The slide says roughness has been reduced by 40% compared to a competitor’s product. Simultaneously, the Mate X2 has several small irregularities on the diagram versus one deep one in Fold 2. From this image, we can conclude that the screen of the Mate X2 is almost imperceptibly flat, while Fold 2 has a sharp, deep “dimple” in the centre of the display. Real photographs show a slightly different picture:

As you can see, the screen’s entire centre is covered with arched irregularities in the Mate X2. And here is the Galaxy Z Fold 2 screen under the light sources:

Curiously, the new Huawei Mate X2 does not have any folds out of the box (video below). But they are striking on devices that have been used for a while. The suspicion arises involuntarily that these irregularities are permanently manifested during operation and the first folding-unfolding cycles.


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