The Russian division of Huawei has announced the launch of a new service based on the Petal Search platform, nicknamed the proprietary “Google alternative” for Huawei and Honor smartphones.

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The Huawei Petal Search Travel and Nearby service has become available to users for organizing travel. Using the service, you can find information about flights, hotels and attractions.

As the company promises, Petal Search Travel is a complete service that allows the user to plan their trip from start to finish. The service combines offers from partners in various categories – from air tickets to hotels and apartments. The app also locates and offers information on key attractions and activities nearby.

Travel service has appeared in the

Thanks to local experts, Petal Search Nearby provides a selection of local establishments in 170 countries of the world: signature restaurants, family cafes and taverns, unusual places of interest.

Petal Search Travel also includes a digital platform for the hospitality and tourism industry – Travel Channel. Owners can add information about their companies that they need for potential customers.

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