An oven in the kitchen is a useful and necessary technique. Usually they are built into a kitchen set – in the lower row of cabinets or higher. We have collected in one selection the optimal models of ovens of different price categories. Those that are simpler will suit if you have only basic needs, the premium segment will also offer functions that will make cooking much more pleasant and comfortable.

Budget models

They are mainly represented by conventional electric ovens with basic equipment. They fry meat efficiently, have good thermal insulation and support for several modes. The control is manual and in rare cases there may be automation.

Electrolux EZB 52430 AX

This model opens the rating of electric ovens. Despite one of the lowest prices, it can be classified as a mid-range device. A volumetric 57-liter chamber with convection support will allow you to cook a large dish efficiently and evenly. In addition to efficiency, it is worth adding versatility, thanks to which the electric oven is easy to operate.


  • Simultaneous operation in top and bottom heating mode
  • High quality finish with easy cleaning
  • Timer with safety shutdown


  • No thermometer to control
  • Excessively noisy fan


A small mini electric oven from the Belarusian manufacturer GEFEST with a hydrolysis cleaning system. Despite the good working volume of 52 liters, it is designed for efficient frying of small dishes. Quiet operation, fast temperature set-up and convection are all you need to prepare a delicious grill. By the way, the spit is included in the package.


  • Double glass for better heat retention in the chamber
  • Turbo Grill Mode
  • Warranty period 2 years


  • Large dimensions for their volume (WxDxH: 598x565x595 mm)


This model can be classified as one of the most compact ovens. The 45 cm wide cabinet makes it easy to find a place in the kitchen. At the same time, it has a good 51-liter chamber volume and versatile frying functions. Separately, it is worth noting as many as 7 frying modes with which you can cook any dish with high quality. Recommended for installation in small apartments with limited space.


  • You can control the rate of temperature rise
  • Simple and convenient control
  • 3 year warranty


  • No automatic shutdown (beep only)

Middle price segment

In terms of basic parameters, these ovens are comparable to counterparts in the budget category. They are characterized by support for automatic operation with electronic control and additional programs. Also, some options can be partially supported, which are found in premium devices (color LED display, catalytic cleaning, etc.).

Hotpoint-Ariston FA5 841 JH WH

Immediately, it is worth highlighting the voluminous working chamber of 71 liters, with which you can cook food for a large family. According to many users, even frying is obtained without problems even when completely filled. The oven supports 9 roasting modes, and for each there are two types of programs – basic roasting (default for grilling, etc.) and timer.


  • Touch control
  • Virtually silent operation


  • Fragile rotary knobs

Bosch HBF512BA0R

The equipment of a famous German manufacturer has always been of high quality, and the electric oven is no exception. It has an average size (595x594x548 mm) of the case, which accommodates a large 66-liter chamber with all the main modes, including convection. Also noteworthy is the power of 3.3 kW, which with a maximum temperature of +275 C will allow you to very quickly cook even a large dish. Recommended to everyone who is already familiar with and appreciates the BOSCH brand, and also does not like long roasting.


  • Parallel operation in several modes (top and bottom heating together with convection)
  • High power
  • Protection against children and accidental opening


  • Self-cleaning coating – rear panel only

Hotpoint-Ariston FIT 801 H OW

Another mid-range electric oven with a large 73-liter chamber, made in a retro style. Supports 9 operating modes, 2 of which can be turned on simultaneously. But the power is small, less than 1 kW. The big advantage of this model is the steam cleaning mode. If you love cooking meat dishes, the walls of the oven can become greasy and the steam is great for cleaning them. The oven has as many as 5 pairs of trays, one of which is telescopic.


  • Original design
  • Steam cleaning system
  • 5 levels for trays


  • Low power 0.91 kW

Premium ovens

These are the most expensive devices and their price is due to their high power, functionality and the highest quality, as well as smart options. They are rightfully considered the best in the rating of built-in electric ovens for the kitchen.

Vestfrost VFSM78OHI

An excellent representative of the premium class. Stylish design, LCD-display, 150 preset cooking programs … There are all possible heating modes (regular, grill, convection), and the automatic shutdown will allow you not to monitor the cooking process. The oven has 2 cleaning systems at once: catalytic and steam. The cooking light also turns on automatically when the door is opened, and when the door is closed, the closer is triggered.


  • LCD display
  • 150 preset operating modes
  • Catalytic cleaning + steam cleaning
  • Automatic shutdown
  • Temperature probe included for measuring food temperature.


  • Not all programs work correctly

LG LB645059T1

This is a real smart oven – it can work in the SmartThinQ ecosystem. If your smartphone is equipped with NFC, just download the application, select the desired recipe and touch the oven with the gadget. She gets the recipe and starts cooking – it’s as easy as shelling pears. In addition, there is a self-diagnosis mode in case of malfunctions.

The inner surface of the chamber is coated with EasyClean: in most cases, it is enough to wipe the walls with a damp cloth to clean it. Baking trays (2 included) can be placed on one of 6 levels, the oven door is equipped with a door closer and always closes smoothly. Of course, there are all possible heating options: grill (large and small), convection, defrosting and maintaining the temperature.


  • The ability to download recipes from a smartphone
  • Easy cleaning
  • A large number of heating modes

Kaiser EH 6355 ElfEm

The oven is perfect for those who love the Empire style. It is not only beautiful, but also spacious and powerful (3.3 kW). There are 8 heating modes and a catalytic cleaning system. The set includes two deep baking trays and a spit, the baking tray guides are telescopic and can hold up to 15 kg. The glazing here is triple, so that the outer surface of the oven is only slightly warm during cooking. There is a recipe chart on the back of the door.


  • Original design in the empire style
  • Triple glazed door
  • High power


  • High price for such a configuration

What to consider when choosing

The rating helps to find out the features of different models and compare them. But it is not enough to understand which oven is better to buy and what needs to be considered when buying?

It is important to pay attention to the following characteristics:
one. Dimensions (edit)… Important when installing an oven in a kitchen set. …
2. Camera functionality… With the same basic parameters, each oven can work differently. On some, it is more convenient to cook different dishes of small volumes together, and on others a large piece of meat or rolls. Consider the size of your family.
3. Energy efficiency… Some companies are positioning their electric ovens as ultra-economical with class AA and even AAA. But you will not notice a big difference in electricity consumption (in monetary terms).
four. Power… The higher it is, the better for quick frying. Regardless of its indicator, under the same operating conditions and settings, all electric ovens have approximately the same energy consumption and efficiency. But when you need to cook a lot of food and very quickly – a conventional electric oven 1 – 1.5 kW will not cope. But with a 3 kW analogue, it will be easier to do this.
five. Useful options… For example, smartphone control or automatic cooking programs.

By the way, if you do not like frying, but bake and stick to a healthy diet, a steamer will certainly be useful for you – we have just compiled a selection of optimal models. And as a snack, a smoothie is perfect: it can be prepared in a stationary blender.

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