The head of Samsung Electronics and the informal head of the entire Samsugn Group corporation Lee Jae-yong may be released from prison.

Tomorrow the fate of the head of Samsung may be decided.  South Korean President May Decide To Pardon Lee Jae Young

Recall that at the beginning of the year he was sentenced to two and a half years in prison, while in 2017 he was already in prison, but a year later he was released early.

This time, Jae Young announced that he would not appeal the verdict, but various companies, including American and even Buddhist monks, began asking for his release from the South Korean president. Tomorrow, President Moon Jae-in will meet with the leaders of the country’s four largest conglomerates (Samsung, LG, Hyundai and SK Group), and many media and observers believe that during this meeting the issue of releasing the head of Samsung will be raised. … In addition, the South Korean president has previously said that he is open to such a decision.

Under these circumstances, there is a good chance that Lee’s release in the form of a pardon or parole will be raised at lunchtime.

Shin Yul is a professor of political science at Myeongji University.

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