There is more news about the new Nintendo console every day. According to an insider who spoke about the support of the new set-top box for Nvidia DLSS technology prior to the relevant Bloomberg news, the upcoming Switch Pro will receive support for technology to improve old games.

To the delight of Nintendo fans.  Older games will run on Switch Pro with noticeable improvements

We’ve already seen this on new Xbox consoles. The bottom line is that a more powerful platform will allow older games to perform better, whether it is increasing the resolution or the number of frames per second. It will depend on the specific game.

Recall, fresh data suggests that the platform based on Switch Pro will receive a GPU with the new Lovelace architecture. Given the chasm that lies between Lovelace and Maxwell (the GPU architecture in the current Switch platform), the difference in performance should also be huge, allowing older games to run smoothly on the new console with noticeable improvements.

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