Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra came out recently, and it seems to remain the only classic flagship of the manufacturer until next year, as there will be no Galaxy Note devices this year.

This is what the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra might look like.  We look at the original concept

But already now, many would like to know how the Galaxy S22 Ultra will look like. The author of the Technizo Concept channel has created a concept for this smartphone, which is based on the current design and rumors on the web.

As you can see, according to the author, the Galaxy S22 Ultra can retain the style of the camera module. The camera itself, thanks to the not yet presented, but preparing for release, 200-megapixel sensor, will look quite unusual.

The author also believes that this smartphone will retain the periscope camera, which is quite logical. From the rest, we can note the visually absent frames around the screen and the subscreen front camera.

Again, this is just a concept, but quite worthy of attention and created on the basis of the available data.

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