LG today officially announced the closure of its smartphone division, which will cease to exist by the end of July. But devices, work on which began long before that, may still see the light of day. So, in May-June, the release of the V70 model shown in the render is possible.

This is what LG's latest flagship smartphone looks like.  LG V70 render published

LG mobile phones, and later smartphones, were quite distinctive devices, and the V70 is good in this regard: it does not try to copy other models. At least, obviously. As you can see, the smartphone received a screen curved to the sides and the main camera with four modules, among which there is a periscope, which provides a smooth zoom. The highlight of the camera is the Samyang lens.

The model’s characteristics are not inferior to those of other flagships: Snapdragon 888, 6.5-inch AMOLED screen with 120 Hz frame rate, 5300 mAh battery. Is that the power of wired charging could be higher than 45 watts.

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