Last year, rumors attributed the so-called “liquid lens” to the flagships Huawei Mate 40, the system of which was not disclosed, but as a result, the Mate 40 is equipped with the most common lenses, and the first mass smartphone with a “liquid lens” will be the Mi Mix 4, which debuts on March 29 … Xiaomi has already confirmed this feature of the camera and even demonstrated its work in a teaser video.

This is a breakthrough.  Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 - the world's first smartphone with a

In the description of the system, a parallel is given with the lens of the human eye, which, with the help of the muscles located around it, changes its shape and provides accommodation – it allows you to see objects well at different distances. Roughly the same is implemented in the Mi Mix 4 camera, only instead of the lens – a special liquid under a special film. The advantages of the “lens-lens” Xiaomi refers to faster focusing in comparison with a conventional mechanical system, compactness and dual purpose – tele and macro. In general, there are enough advantages, but such a system is clearly not cheap. However, the Mi Mix 4 itself is by no means a cheap smartphone.

In an interview that the head of Xiaomi Lei Jun gave just the other day, a top manager said that the price of Mi Mix 4 will be 10,000 yuan (approximately $ 1,500). If you remember, the Mi Mix Alpha with a wraparound screen was even more expensive, but it was never launched into truly mass production, but was produced only in small batches. The Mi Mix 4 is a completely different matter. This smartphone will be sold not only in China, but also, like its predecessors, in the global market too, but here there are completely different conditions and different competition. So $ 1,500 is a serious bid. However, Lei Zun immediately made a reservation that in this case, too, the company has no desire to make money from users – this is the price for the technologies implemented in the smartphone. And among them, in addition to the “lens-lens” itself, there is also a flexible screen and very fast charging. In short, Mi Mix 4 will embody the pinnacle of modern technologies, ready for mass use, and therefore will not be cheap.

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