The new Water Resistance Tester application has appeared on Google Play, which allows you to test the water resistance of your phone.

The Water Resistance Tester app uses the barometer of your smartphone and does not need to be submerged in water to measure the water resistance of your phone. A barometric sensor detects the level of pressure inside the device, and the app measures changes in that pressure.

To take a measurement, you need to put the phone on a flat surface and press firmly on the screen with two thumbs. Once verified, the app will inform you if your phone is still waterproof. The app only supports smartphones that meet a certain degree of protection or are equipped with a barometer.

This app allows you to test your smartphone's water resistance without using water

This app helps you check if the IP67 / IP68 waterproof seals are still on your phone using the barometer built into your phone. Please note that the seals can be damaged due to drops and aging of the device – keep your phone away from any liquids!

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